Unusable lomo

The cult with the "little blacks" booming even after 9 years and still hip thanks to clever online features

The mir is sunk in the pacific, leningrad has been in hiding for a while st. Petersburg, the socialist state world has passed away 10 years ago.

A story without action

How the story of the "grune comet" was created

As a writer of science fiction, i am not one of those authors who comment on readers’ comments; everyone has the right to express his or her own opinion. But in this case i would like to make an exception

Second end

Second end

Zeewolde (netherlands), 22. December 2014 – the revival of rough, past brands do not succeed alone through the rough name. Like the hollandic sports car forge spyker himself, she has been insolvent for three days. The state-owned district court had awarded to the company on the second december 2014 credible protection. Now this was ended and the company for bankrupt is explained. Reason: the hoped-for transferred loan did not meet in time at spyker.

That from for the company did not quite unexpected. It was known that sports car production was not profitable. The company was founded in 1999 by the dutch lawyers and entrepreneur victor r. Muller. He acquired the rights to the brand, which came to the world in 1880 as a carriage maker – the most famous vehicle of the original company is the golden carriage, with which the hollandic konigin ride for the opening of parliament. Father started spyker with the car and aircraft production until the company in 1926 had to be handled in a row of the economic crisis after the first world war.

Spyker afraid once to the most innovative brands of europe

For petrolheads and technology-interested epochal is the first car with permanent four-wheel drive, which spyker already presented in 1903 and that in its structure anticipated the classic railing carriages by many decades. The everyday sports car presented, among other things, for the first time series-mabig a six-cylinder engine and brakes at all channels. This was far ahead of his time.

Browser-based: grpc-web should .bring net development into the net

Browser-based: GRPC-Web should bring .NET development into the network

Microsoft has the framework grpc-web for .Net ied as a production render – grpc calls with .Net can now be used directly in the browser, without intermediate proxy. According to the provider, grpc is a rpc framework (remote procedure call), which is based, among other things, on http / 2 and protocol buffers. The open standard supports numerous programming languages and should also be available from this version .Net fully support.

Grpc-web allows .Net development in the browser

Experimental support had already received the project in january 2020, on the basis of early adopters’ feedback received since then, the project team took amendments. The technology itself behind grpc-web is not new, a stable client for java has existed for a long time and also a proxy. The version of grpc-web for java has been generally available since the fall of 2018.

With grpc-web, several scenarios should now also for .Net developer open: calls from with asp.Net core created apps in the browser are now apparently possible. This is of interest, since calls from grpc http / 2 over the browser apis are not possible yet: grpc-web should offer a viable alternative. Also from other platforms as .Net core off grpc calls can be performed with the new tool, for example, to use blazor and xamarin services. For more lingings, grpc-web apparently offers a workaround to the .Lift net development in the browser.

Iaa: denso launches common rail system with 2000 bar

Japanese supplier denso, the world’s second-largest automotive supplier after bosch, has unveiled a new common-rail injection system with an injection prere of 2000 bar at the iaa. According to denso, the new system reduces nitrogen oxide emissions, engine vibrations and noise generation. It also improves the effectiveness of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems. The background: with common rail, fuel can be injected into the combustion chamber at will because the high-prere line, the "common rail," is kept under constant prere. The higher the possible prere, the easier it is for engine developers to achieve properties such as fine atomization.

Bosch also announced common rail systems with 2000 bar for 2007 in the spring, after the previous peak prere of its systems was 1800 bar. At 2000 bar, the injection technology with the "common line" now reaches a prere level that was previously reserved for volkswagen’s pump-dispense system. The high prere was considered one of the advantages of the pump-duct system, but this is offset by high costs and poorly controllable injection behavior – the pump is cam-controlled, which makes it difficult to variably control the injection timing in particular. Volkswagen also ultimately decided to switch to common rail, the first diesel engines with this system are installed in the vw tiguan.

Special model smart fortwo “limited silver”

Special model smart fortwo 'limited silver'

Berlin, 15. July 2010 – shortly before the facelift in autumn 2010, smart is upgrading the fortwo once again. The special model "limited silver" based on the equipment line "passion" and includes over 2000 euros worth of additional equipment at the same price.

Extras for technology freaks

Customers can look forward to an mp3 cd radio, a lockable glove compartment and the smart drive kit for the iphone "smart drive kit for the iphone" . The latter consists of a cradle for the cell phone and the drive app specially developed for the car manufacturer "drive app". According to smart, the system makes it possible to charge the device, make hands-free calls, listen to music and navigate. App fans will be delighted with extras such as the "car finder" which guides the driver back to the parked car. As an alternative to the kit, customers can also order a regular bluetooth hands-free kit.

Accessories from the tuner

On the outside, components from in-house tuner brabus give the car a different appearance. The package consists of 15-inch alloy wheels "monoblock vii", led daytime running lights, third led brake light and "limited silver"-logos in the mirror triangles.

Nuclear power: in estonia europe’s first mini-akw arises

Nuclear power: In Estonia Europe's first mini-AKW arises

In estonia, europe’s first small modular reactor is to be built, an atomic power plant that produces less than 300 mw power. This is evaluated from a report of the estonian broadcasting.

The estonian energy company fermi energia had agreed a cooperation a year ago with the finnish pendant fortum and the belgian consulting firm tractebel to develop appropriate license models and a small light water reactor. Now it is called by err, tractebel will participate in fermi energia.

The baltic states want to loose from the russian electricity grid by 2025, so the nuclear power in the form of smr will be an important element to supply the lander carbon-free with electricity, threw it in january 2020 in a tractor message. Fermi energia was founded two years ago to build a smr in estonia.

Kassel: networking for better traffic flow

Kassel: networking for better traffic flow

A new research project aims to improve the flow of traffic in kassel. In the pilot project, streetcars, buses and ambulances will communicate directly with traffic lights to get second-by-second grun. "We don’t want to give away a second," said prof. Robert hoyer of the university of kassel at the presentation of the project, which is unique in germany. This also has advantages for other road users, he emphasized. Better coordination of the runway phase for streetcars should give motorists and pedestrians more time to get to work.

The technology is to be used in ongoing traffic from mid-2018. During the test phase, 15 traffic lights and a total of ten streetcars, buses and ambulances will work with the system. These will automatically register with the traffic lights via appropriate technology. The system then calculates to the second when the vehicle will reach the intersection. Martin hauck of the arbeiter-samariter-bund (workers’ samaritan association) said that this would provide additional safety for ambulances running blue lights. Kassel’s head of transportation christof nolda (grune) hopes to make traffic "city-friendly, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient". The german federal ministry of transport is funding the project to the tune of 2.3 million euros.

Kassel is not alone in its plan: other cities in hesse also want to optimize traffic flow. In offenbach, a traffic management plan is currently being developed for the city, according to a spokesman for the city. In order to make intersections with high traffic density more efficient, the city wants to install additional detectors such as induction loops or radar and video. The aim is to coordinate the signal controls at the individual intersections so that vehicles can pass through with as few stops as possible. The aim is to avoid traffic jams and reduce pollutant and noise emissions.

Crypto wars: federal government defends eu line for reproduction

Crypto Wars: Federal Government defends EU line for reproduction

The federal government has the planned resolution of the eu council of ministers "safety by trapping and security despite the closure" taken against massive criticism. "More and more communication takes place castle", explains the executive." in particular, the end-to-end clasp of news leads to significant practical problems in the evaluation of electronic evidence."

One "magic solution"

The eu countries advertise with their planned conclusions for the in the current crypto wars of intelligence services and the fbi developed idea that for security macers should be a form of outdoor access to a casual data possible and could. Technicians have such a one "magic solution" again and again in the realm of the marchs damn as it "a bit casual" not give. The council still relies on the aid of service providers such as apple, facebook, google, threema, signal or whatsapp in determining electronic communication.

"Although the histors in certain legally regulated drops are powers to levy under close legal framework conditions by means of source telecommunications monitoring or online search content of closure telecommunications", write the federfuhrende federal ministry of interior (bmi) now in a our site answer to questions of the left bundestag member dieter dam. "However, due to a very high operational effort and technical difficulties, these instruments are usually limited to a few trap and can therefore be used in practice rarely actually used."

Iaa: audi urban concept spyder

Iaa: audi urban concept spyder

Ingolstadt, 17. August 2011 – a week ago, audi presented the closed version of the so-called "urban concept" for the iaa in frankfurt (15. To 25. September 2011) announced. Now the ingolstadt-based company is following up with a spyder version of the city car, which will also be on show at the trade fair.

As in the closed version, the open audi urban concept also seats two people slightly behind each other. However, entry is now not via sliding doors, but doors that open upwards at an angle. A characteristic feature of the open 1+1-seater is the flat, all-round window strip.

Free-standing wheels

The audi urban concept is powered by two electric motors that draw their current from a lithium-ion battery. The body of the technology study is kept slim and fitted with 21-inch coarse, free-standing wheels. In the closed version, these are protected by all-round mudguards with led turn signals running through them. The monocoque, which integrates the substructures of the two seats, is made of carbon.