Internal documents: google voluntarily gives extensive user data to us police

Internal documents: Google voluntarily gives extensive user data to US police

Google, apparently, regularly forwards detailed information on individual users to us penal purposes, without taking on their contributions at the same time on their own platforms, even if the mutually violated the terms of use are violated. This reports the british guardian, citing internal police documents, which were made public under the code name #blueleaks. The affected users had often threatened online with violence or in the right-wing extremes, writes the newspaper. Critics throw google, accordingly, to harm users and at the same time want to deportate responsibility only.

Detailed user data

As the guardian exports, the documents from google cybercrime investigation group (cig). Ther, they went to a police facility in the north of california, which serves the exchange between the various local and superregional police keeps. Voluntarily translated into the filed documents, data on the online activities of the users concerned, as well as detailed user data – including e-mail and real addresses and login times with ip addresses. Many of the reports therefore also contained copies of comments that the users have made google services like youtube.

The affected users are therefore targeted by right-wing extreme comments and violent rates to the google staff ‘s visor. So have one after the name of the "asian doctor" demands the "has admitted the coronavirus outbreak" and "i will push his daughter in the face". Another affected user commented, "you have to get into the house when slapping and putting his children". Also the author of one "kill them all", i met it. But even though google reported this to the police workers, some of the comments had been deleted until the reporting of the guardian.

War games in space

The u.S. Air force conducted the first crude simulation game to prepare for military conflict in space

Donald rumsfeld, the new u.S. Secretary of defense, not only advocates, like president bush, the construction of a national missile defense shield nmd, but has more strongly than his predecessors discovered space as the site of future wars. A commission he has long headed warned that the u.S. Could face a pearl harbor in space "pearl harbor" if military superiority was not secured there (pearl harbor in space). Not only has the air force recently established a space weapons division, but last week it conducted its first full-scale, multi-day war game pitting a red superpower against a blue superpower in space.

Defense support program (dsp) satellites

China tests artificial lighting moon

China tests artificial illumination moon

Gao qipei – bamboo, plum blossom and the moon (1713)

The satellite should help to save electricity

Wu chunfeng, head of the tian fu scientific society and chairman of casc, a company closely associated with the chinese space program, announced in the china daily newspaper that in 2020 a satellite will be sent into orbit around the earth from the sichuan spaceport xichang, not for communication but for illumination. For this purpose, it is equipped with reflectors that redirect sunlight to the earth.

Olympus m.zuiko digital ed 150-400mm f4.5: zoom lens with extreme focal length

Olympus m.zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5: Zoom lens with extreme focal length

The olympus m.Zuiko digital ed 150-400mm f4.5 tc1.25x is pro from the end of january 2021 the objective offer for the mirrorless system cameras with micro-four-thirds bayonet expand. The telezoom is focused primarily on animal, nature and sport photographers and covers a small-scale-aquivalent focal length range from 300 to 800 millimeters. It offers a continuous beam of f / 4.5 and has an integrated 1.25-fold teleconverter. This requires the focal length to up to 1000 millimeters (small picture-aquivalent).

About the entire zoom area, the new zuko should have a close-up limit of 1.3 meters, so photographers could reach a 0.57-fold enlargement. With teleconverter a 0.71-fold enlargement should be possible – and thus telemacro shooting. To keep the long focal lengths in hand, olympus integrates its 5-axis sync image stabilization, which combines with the camera’s own sensor stabilization. Like the om-d cameras, which focuses on natural and action photographers, is the new telezoom dust and splashing water and frost-proof.

Olympus m.zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm F4.5: Zoom lens with extreme focal length

The olympus m.Zuiko digital ed 150-400mm f4.5 offers an integrated teleconverter with which a small picture-aquivalent focal length of 1000 millimeters can achieve.

Mars helicopter ingenuity: legs unfolded, first flight jerks nearby

Mars helicopter ingenuity: legs unfolded, first flight jerks nearby

The mars helicopter ingenuity has extended all four fruz and was now allowed to be parked soon on the marsbed to take his historical first flight over the red planet in attack. The progress of these preparations can seek interested parties based on the photos that the nasa-rover receives perseverance, who has brought inenuity. It was clear that the helicopter was folded apart, only two legs have folded out and now the other two. After his batteries were recharged again, he should be stopped before, before perseverance removed. The first short flight is for the 8. April schedules.

The preparation of ingenuity

the camera when photographing progress

Why only president omar al-bashir and not u.s. President george bush too?

Icc prosecutor’s indictment of sudan president al-bashir called double standard of justice

The chief prosecutor for the international criminal court (icc), luis moreno-ocampo requested on july 14 that the court ie an arrest warrant for the sitting head of state of sudan, president omar al-bashir. The court will decide on the request in the next two or three months. The request, however, has met with a strong chorus of criticism.

At a press conference held at the united nations by the icc prosecutor on thursday, july 17, one journalist asked ocampo if his decision to prosecute the head of state of the sudan rather than the crimes committed in iraq and palestine wasn’t the sign of the double standard of the court? Ocampo responded that since the un security council had referred the darfur situation to the icc, this was a step toward universal justice.

Faces and gestures of politicians

During election campaigns, we are also addressed by the leading candidates on websites and posters. But who do they want to show us?

An election campaign is more about moods than arguments, more about simple slogans than complex thoughts. And in a media democracy it is determined by people, by their appearance and behavior, when they appear in the media for the audience "tested" become. For this purpose, the main characters are trained and styled. But on television, during live appearances, the "image" not really plan through, but in commercials or with photographs on posters or on the internet.

For the election campaign, everyone "already", at least important, competent and somehow attractive. In the case of the candidates for chancellor and the other top candidates, the appearance on posters and websites is a matter for the consultants, who prepare and dress up their clients, respectively. Suitable photos and revise them. What they want to tell us?

Ford falcon fpv gt black: australian powerhouse

Ford falcon fpv gt black: australian powerhouse

Melbourne (australia), 17. August 2011 – if you want to set yourself apart from the automotive mainstream in australia, look no further than fpv: the joint venture between carmaker ford and british racing specialists prodrive. The abbreviation fpv stands for ford performance vehicles. A popular tuning object is the ford falcon sedan, which is widely used on the fifth continent and is sold as the fpv gt, among others. At the australian international motor show in july, fpv had a concept car of the gt in the "black-on-black"-style. Now the limited special model goes on sale as the "gt black" goes on sale.

Most powerful engine in the range

Ex factory the ford falcon is available exclusively with 4.0 liters of coarse inline six cylinders. The standard version produces 265 hp, the lpg version 269 hp and the turbo 367 hp. The turbocharged six is used by ford performance vehicles in the f6 model, which is also based on the falcon, with 420 hp. Under the hood of the model fpv gt as well as the gt black works however a 5,0 liter coarse compressor v8. This carries the addition traditional with ford "boss", which is also used in connection with a particularly sporty version of the ford mustang. The engine produces 455 hp and a maximum torque of 570 nm, which is available from 2200 to 5500 revs. Shifting is done either via a manual six-speed transmission or a six-speed automatic from zf, with which the driver can alternatively sequentially change gears himself.

Mercedes m-class: ml 500 with 408 hp presented

Mercedes m-class: ml 500 with 408 hp presented

Stuttgart, 25. June 2012 – the third generation of mercedes m-class has been on the market since september 2011. Now the ml 500 4matic blueefficiency expands the offer. In addition, mercedes offers new extras.

More efficient

Already at the second generation there was a ml 500 4matic. He has a v8 suction gasoline with 388 hp. The new motorization is in the sign of downsizing: it is again a v8, but it now has 4.7 instead of 5.5 liters of displacement. He works with two turbochargers – each one per cylinder bank. The power climbs to 408 hp that torque rises from 530 to 600 nm and is already available from 1600 / min.

From autumn in the trade

The fuel is injected over piezo injectors. A multiple cover (multi-spark ignition) should make the engine more economical. In addition, the raw emissions of unburned hydrocarbons (hc) and nitrogen oxide (nox) should sink. For a possible low consumption, a start-stop function, axle gear with less friction, the electrical power steering, an optimized belt drive and the needs-based control of the ancillaries are supposed to contribute. Nevertheless, the designation blueefficiency should not put any excess expectations, because already in the nefz, the suv consumes average 11 liters.

“Mass effect legendary edition”: short elevator rides and hub shear graphic

The "legendary edition" the game trilogy "mass effect" comes on 14. May with optical improvements and smaller gameplay tweaks in the trade. Bioware announced the new edition of the iconic sci-fi series in november and has now announced for the first time on the amendments.

Trailer too "mass effect: legendary edition"

All three games of the series are also in the "legendary edition" separately designed and optimized on 4k resolution. Most graphics changes are to be expected at the first part of the series, which came into trade in 2007. Bioware promises overworked graphic effects, textures and models. All three titles support the ultra-wide 21: 9 resolution and directx 11. On the website "mass effect: legendary edition" has bioware published some sliders with which one can compare old against new graphic.