Bitcoin co.: china’s banks do not make any more managers with crypto money

Bitcoin  Amp; Co.: China's banks can not do business with crypto money anymore

China records his action against cryptovia continues: banks and payment service providers now became any business with bitcoins co. Forbidden. The national association for internet finance, the banking association and the association for payments and clearing on tuesday has now reported, among other things, the chinese global times.

Among other things, the organizations refer to the risks associated with cryptovation and warned investors that were not legally protected and thus had to be carried by suffered losses themselves.

Immense price fluctuations

The frequently serving as a newspaper serving as an english propagandagan, among other things, refer to the youngest price fluctuations of the requirements of bitcoin and dogecoin. Hands closely related to the exercises of the tesla chef elon musk, who had lost the crypto market with opposed opinions last. So he had only explained that tesla bitcoins was accepted as a means of payment and had also invested in the most important cryptography. But last week, but the turnaround and citing the long-known bad environmental balance sheet followed the departure. At dogecoin, he caused a similar manner to and from the course.

Deadly frost

In eastern europe, the poor who could not cope with the change or fell by the wayside die

The news should have brought relief to most people in eastern europe. "The temperatures rise", says the current weather forecasts of eastern european media, even if there is still no talk of easing the situation. In bialystok in eastern poland, for example, the thermometer still drops to -7 degrees celsius at night, accompanied by heavy snowfalls. But in comparison with the last weekend, when in some regions of poland at night was measured up to – 30 degrees celsius, already an improvement.

The relief of the people about the announced weather relief is not groundless. The siberian high "cooper" the cold weather has gripped the whole of europe, but nowhere have so many lives been lost as in eastern europe. In russia, the extreme cold has so far claimed 215 lives, in poland, according to official figures, 99 people have died as a result of the freezing temperatures, and in ukraine, 135. The number of ukrainian victims of the cold war could be even higher, as the authorities have not published any data since tuesday of last week. The cold also claimed many lives in the czech republic, romania, bulgaria and other east-central european countries.

Blue origin vs. Spacex: complaint against nasa order for moon country rates

Blue Origin vs. Spacex: Complaint against NASA order for moon country rates

After the nasa spacex has commissioned the development of landing agencies for the planned mission missions, the unintended competitors have filed a complaint. Both the space company blue orzins from amazon-grunder and the lesser-known company dynetics have appealed to the us court of auditors (government accountability office, gao) complaint against the decision, reports the new york times. Blue origins is therefore criticized that benefits of their own proposal were mispreduced and underestimated technical risks of the concept of spacex.

Milliardare wants government money

In the middle of april, the nasa had informed that only spacex should build a landing agent, with which already 2024 people should land on the moon. The then nasa boss had explained in autumn that he was worried, only one concept should be selected, quotes the us newspaper. When the us space agency sets on private contractors, it usually commissions several companies to have an alternative in the case of jerking. For example, in the case of spacecapsules for private flights to the iss, it was upgraded: during spacex, astronauts and astronauts brings to the international space station, boeing hangs far behind. In the case of the moon country rates, among other things, lack of money was responsible for only spacex to come to.

The complaints in front of the us court of auditors now show clearly how much the spatial margins of the tech billionare elon musk and jeff bezos are depending on the usage of such profane things like applying the us government. The contract on the moon country rates is intended to bring up to $ 2.89 billion (approximately 2.42 billion euros). Spacex boss elon musk now made fun of the appeal of blue origin on twitter, because unlike his company, the competitor did not even reach the orbit. In the concept of a moon country ride, bezos’ group cooperates with the three experienced rating corporations lockheed martin, northrop grumman and draper

Darkmarket: married couple “roughly illegal darknet marketplace” charged

Darkmarket: Married couple'grobtem illegalen darknet-marktplatz' angeklagt'grobtem illegalen darknet-marktplatz' angeklagt

It’s about the “worldwide cloudy marketplace in the darknet” traded, explained the attorney general koblenz, after german investigators had dusted darkmarket. Now an australian couple has been charged with the platform with around half a million users and more than 2400 sellers. This shared the rhineland-palatinate city central cybercrime of the general state platform koblenz.

“On darkmarket was traded with illegal drugs of all kinds, counterfeit money, stolen or folded credit cards, malicious software and many other illegal goods”, kept it on. At least 320.000 fell a total of more than 140 million euros with only four and then funf percent commission for the couple had been handled. Has been paid partly with cryptovia like bitcoin. The investigation resulted in the central criminal inspectorate oldenburg.

Criminal managed in the bunker

The 34-year australian is said to have been administrator of the marketplace, which unlocked the sellers as well as have monitored and paid several for the time being not yet identified. His 32-year wife should have been aware of the design of darkmarket and the skill of dispute between sellers and customers. Both, according to attorney general jurgen brauer, still have their residence in australia, but are a school-age child “on a long-term tour through europe” been.

Climate alliance puts pressure on political parties

Climate alliance makes parties steam

Photo: aleks van sputto / cc-by-sa-2.0

Co2 neutrality by 2040, coal phase-out by 2030: alliance of environmental and social associations, ver.Di and other organizations present list of demands

The climate alliance germany, an alliance of around 140 organizations, which includes environmental and welfare associations as well as the united service sector union, is working to.Di, demands that political parties sharpen their climate protection targets and comply with them if they are involved in the next federal government. At a digital press conference on monday, about seven months before the federal election, the alliance presented a 28-page list of demands with the headline "shaping climate protection – we still have a choice!" from.

Macos: google promises less battery rab by the chrome browser

MacOS: Google promises less battery rab by the Chrome Browser

If you have many tabs open in chrome, you can quickly find the battery indicator in macos that the google browser is frequently akufresser number one. With several maws, the company wants to at least mitigate this.

"Continuous investment"

In upcoming versions different new features and changes are planned, google shared against the wall street journal with. Like max christoff, director of browser engineering in the chrome team, this is one "continuous investment in improvements at speed, performance and battery life".

Tabs in the background

Google plans among other things to optimize the so-called tab throttling. In this case, active tabs should be better prioritized and those in the background are frozen. Resources are still completely unused here. So javascript-time-wake-ups will only be a minus possible for pages that are in the background. "Power at chrome is a journey and no goal", so christoff.



Munich, 29. July 2013 – the shortest car on the german market will get a successor in 2014. New prototype images now show the future front for the first time, with a surprisingly flat grille.

Several reasons have a life-enhancing effect on the smart fortwo: sales are decent in this country even towards the end of the model cycle: with 15.194 vehicles in the first half of 2013, the fortwo is ahead of competitors such as the fiat 500. Particularly important for mercedes is also the fact that smart reduces co2 fleet emissions. And that’s why smart boss annette winkler has to keep the model afloat with new special editions. But because the costs have to come down, the next smart generation will be developed together with renault. Daimler hopes that this will finally enable it to earn money from the smart. The new platform allows rear-wheel drive (smart fortwo) as well as front-wheel drive (smart forfour, renault twingo).

Indicated hood serves to protect the passenger compartment

The german-french collaboration is unmistakable from the prototypes, which so far look like a renault twingo that has been washed too hard. But now there is a first glimpse of the "real" front end of the next smart fortwo. It shows a coarser radiator grille and an evolution of the previous almond-shaped headlights. Particularly striking, however, is the upwardly drawn front section with indicated "hood". This is intended to improve protection for passengers and drivers. It goes without saying that the engine also works in the rear of the new smart fortwo, as side air vents clearly show. The starting point for the new engine family was the turbo three-cylinder engine with 898 cubic capacity familiar from the renault clio. The turbocharged version has 90 hp, the non-turbo version has around 70 hp. Also new are a renault dual-clutch transmission instead of the previous automated manual transmission and a tablet-like multimedia unit on the center console. It is not yet clear when the new smart fortwo will drop its skins. So far, the frankfurt motor show (iaa) is scheduled for september 2013, but in view of the few remaining weeks, the still rudimentary prototype is surprising. Set, however, seems to be the market launch, it should take place at the latest in april 2014. A premiere at the geneva motor show at the beginning of march would therefore be possible.

Universities: difficulties of online teaching

Universities: difficulties of online teaching

A plea for a return to the university’s teaching of presences

In all german universities, the summer semester 2020 ran purely digitally due to the conditions imposed for the pandemic defense. The corona conditioned ‘online teaching’ should thus provide for a smooth flow in the tertiary education sector. Unfortunately, after a relatively short period of time, it became clear that digital teaching was creating new difficulties for students.

This has to do, on the one hand, with the problems arising from the corona crisis and, on the other, with digital teaching itself. In recent months, many students have lost their jobs, some have now gone into debt, and others have dropped out of college altogether (starting at 00:52 min.).

Trillions are poured out for rescue packages

Despite the huge sums of money that the european governments are using to stabilize the financial system, the announced reforms remain unclear

As expected, the german government approved its rescue package for german banks in cabinet. At 500 billion euros, the package is even larger than previously expected. With half a trillion euros it is about as comprehensive as the link on /tp/blogs/8/116907. It is topped by the plans of the british government, which wants to spend 633 billion euros and pushes the nationalization of banks. France has also agreed to provide 360 billion, the netherlands 200 billion, and spain and austria 100 billion each. European borsen celebrated with price fireworks that a good two trillion euros of taxpayers’ money is to be injected into the financial system.

The rescue package of the german government has caused a furor at the stock exchanges. Germany’s benchmark dax index closed with the highest daily percentage gain in its history. It climbed 11.4 percent to 5.062 point. Similar situation on other european financial markets due to bailouts. But that does not lift anything yet, it could also only be a flash in the pan, as it was after the link on http://www.Our site/tp/r4/article/28/28769/1.Html was burned down.