Iphone 12: apple wants to repair more instead of swapping

IPhone 12: Apple wants to repair more instead of swapping

Apple has introduced a new repair option for the iphone 12: for certain problems and damage, in-house workshops and authorized handlers are reportedly a new one "iphone rear system" order as a spare part that allows a repair – instead of performing a complete exchange of the device. Including a cracked glass print, damage to the housing, problems with the facial recognition face id as well as mistakes in the motherboard, if the device no longer turns on.

"Iphone rear system" without display and camera

The new part should be introduced in short, first for iphone 12 and 12 mini, then later on iphone 12 pro and pro max. The step is part of the effort to reduce the co2 footprint of the group, it is called in an internal memo to authorized handlers, like macrumors reported.

That "iphone rear system" however, it is far more than one item: according to the report, according to practically a complete iphone with main board and battery – only display and backside camera are missing. These elements are then taken from the defective iphone of the owner, it will continue to be called. In order for a repair to be carried out, these components do not have any damage.

About the apple “where is?”-app

About the Apple'wo ist?'-app'wo ist?'-app

Apple is also its in ios 15, macos 12 and watchos 8 "where is?"-application redesign. You will receive some usual new features for finding iphones, ipads, apple-watchgraten, airpods and airtags plus "find my"-compatible accessories.

Whether airpod or iphone does not matter

So apple implemented kauftig so-called separation alerts, ie separation warnings. These alert the user if you leave a place, find-my-compatible products but does not take. This is particularly practical about the earstenses and headhorists of the airpods line, but it also works for all others in which this is in the "where is?"-app activated. There is a simple switch in the settings of the individual devices. It is also possible to determine what places you are informed about the separation – about only unknown locations and not at home.

Separation warnings are very practical and can be used approximately to be informed about the loss of a suitcase when traveling when a suitable day is due to this; not all competitive trackers such as that of tile supported the feature. It is commendable that apple can now easily enable it via software and apparently for all find-my-compatible products. Also new in the "where is?"-app is the possibility to find even gates that have been switched off or loosened. How exactly this works, apple has not yet been communicated; it is likely that here the last known location will be transferred. Apple also emphasizes that equipment with activation barrier can still be found even if they were deleted; the loose without deactivation of the lock is not enough to turn off find my. In the start screen of an iphone is clearly clearly indicated that the device is still activated on another person.

1. Quarter: apple lands fat sales and profit plus

1. Quarter: Apple lands fat sales and profit plus

As if it did not give corona: apple again present excellent quarterly numbers. From january to marz, apple increased its turnover to $ 89.6 billion, which is a plus of 54 percent year-on-year. The profit reaches $ 23.6 billion, a whopping doubling.

This is all the more amazing when apple writes mostly weaker numbers in the first quarter. Most money will be in "iphone quarter", so the christmas business, deserves. 2020/2021, however, iphones came to the market for a month later and the christfest was different for apple than anyone else before.

Everything growth, especially the mac and the ipads

Apple’s new super numbers relate to almost all areas of the group. The iphone sales is almost two-thirds high than in the same quarter of the previous year ($ 48 billion). The mac division brings an elsewhere of 70 percent (now $ 9.1 billion) on the scales. Tablets, ie ipads, have grown 79 percent (now 7.8 billion). Sold stucco numbers communicates apple no longer since a long time, but only calls revenue.

Also, swiss corona warning app made available, european solution in demand

Also, Swiss Corona warning app made available, European solution in demand

With the "swisscovid app" now switzerland has its own app for tracking against the novel coronavirus sars-cov-2. Already on thursday morning, the application was around 150.Downloaded 000. As a last step, the swiss government, the federal council, had a regulation on the "proximity tracing system for coronavirus sars-cov-2 (vpts)" passed. Previously, the epidemiegesetz had been discussed and migrated several times to prepare the import of the tracing app.

Also decentralized system

Installation and use of the swisscovid app for android and ios are voluntary. The app is to help additional contact tracking (contact tracing) to interrupt the infection chains. The swiss tracing app is available in nine different languages, it also uses the contact tracking via bluetooth. In the federal council regulation, it was also determined that from thursday the federal government, the federal costs for tests on sars-cov-2 for a year. There should be so much tested as much as possible and makes sense, the federal office for health (bag) shares with.

If you receive a warning from the covid app that you had close contact with an infected person (on the phone the app for dafur must also be installed), should contact the appropriate jobs. Then it will be decided whether a test is necessary and whether one must in quarantae, the state-owned federal council, health minister alain berset, was found on a media conference. It is important that persons waiting for their test result remain in quaranta in the meantime at home. The laboratories are encouraged to submit the results as soon as possible.

Visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8 is ready for .net 5

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.8 is ready for .NET 5

Point to the appearance of .Net 5 also sets microsoft a new release of its development environment for apple systems. Visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8 is not only complete at work with the latest .Net version prepared, but also contains some improvements for xamarin developers and allows debugging blazor webassembly applications (wasm).

Debugging blazor webassembly

With the process release 8.7 the ide had for the first time the debugging from blazor server to allow for the first time, visual studio 2019 for mac also supports blazor webagsembly apps, so developers can now build their code for troubleshooting in the ide progressively exports. Also setting and removing breakpoints as well as observing the values of local variables are therefore possible. However, a prerequisite for debugging is still a chromium-based browser (chrome, edge), apple’s safari under macos is not yet supported. Clear details of debugging blazor webassembly can be found in the associated documentation.

More power with .Net 5

Developers who .Want to create net applications in visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8 the complete functionality of .Net 5 available, including its numerous performance improvements. A more consistent performance promise, among other things, the garbage collection, pinned object heap and graduated compilation. With .Net 5 will be possible in addition to accommodating new applications in a single executable and benefit from more compact container image coars.

Google one backup furphone iphone

Google One Backup FurPhone iPhone

The cloud storage service one of google will therefore get a new ios app with extended range of functions. The rifle the company in a blog post. The tool should "soon" be relevant and comes with a possibility to secure data contained on the iphone on google’s servers. This applies to photos, videos, contacts and calendar events, google shared with. Further data can not be easily secured under ios – apple has advanced access options with its icloud backup function here.

Up to 2 tbyte for 100 euros a year

Google one offers users standard 15 gb of free space; this is part of the regular google accounts. It can be used on the different google services. If more data is to be backed up, a google-one subscription must be.

This costs for 100 gb 20 euros per year – or 2 euros a month. 200 gb are available for 30 euros a year or 3 euros a month, 2 tb in turn for 10 euro per month or 100 euros a year. Storage space for google one can be shared with maximum funf family members (= google accounts).

Alone you can never manage – for the death of charles

Alone you can never manage - for the death of Charles

At the age of 81, charles geschke died in california. He understood together with john warnock in 1982 adobe systems, where the printer programming language postscript was created. From 1987 to 1994 he led adobe and is responsible for the purchase of aldus for $ 446 million. Father he was the chairman of the supervisory board, which he belonged to april 2020.

From a printer family

Charles matthew gasks was on the 11th. September 1939 in cleveland in the us state of ohio born. The mother worked in court, the father was printer and came from a coarse printer family. His technical judgment played an important role in the development of postscript. After school, charles studied geschke at jesuit xavier university, first classic languages, then mathematics. From 1963 to 1968 he taught in this subject. In 1972 he earned his doctorate at carnegie mellon university with a work over compiler and then went to the bald research center parc of xerox.

In 1978, head of the imaging sciences laboratory on the parc and set a series of programmers, among them one year more young john warnock. Together with martin nevell, this developed the printer programming language jam (john and martin programming language) for xerox printers. The much more complex programming language interpressed for xerox laser printers was created under geschke line. The programming language developed for xerox wanted to extend warnock and geschke so that they could control all printer types and scraping machines. As the two could not prevail with this idea, they fall in love the parc in 1982 and founded adobe systems, named after a stream at the house of warnock. Together with six other programmers celebrated by the parc, geschke and warnock postscript developed, first for the apple laserwriter, who came to the market in 1985 and made the desktop publishing. To export postscript, the motorola processor 68000 was controlled, the program itself tredged a rome of half a megabyte, as john warnock recalled. More printers followed.