Sticky hatred

The birth of a new far-right alliance on the internet

A rather astonishing discovery is at the heart of a recently published dossier by the french anti-racism organization mrap (movement against racism and for friendship among peoples): as the study of several extremist web sites

and especially newsgroups demonstrates in detail, a completely new alliance between extreme right-wing christian forces and extremist jewish connections has formed on the french-language internet over the past three years. Their common ideological denominator: hatred of all arabs and muslims.

This is a very new phenomenon, according to the head of mrap, mouloud aounit, a disturbing development that is not only taking place virtually, on the net, but is now spreading into everyday life as well. "We wanted to sound the alarm bell." the mrap report, with detailed annotations and examples from newsgroup postings, traces this development from its beginnings in 1999 to its rupture in april this year and a rebirth in may. The mrp observers were mostly interested in french newsgroups, especially "fr.Soc.Politique". What caught their eye there was a "individual", which in july 1999 operated under ever-changing cover names and quickly gained sympathizers with its hate attacks on muslims and its invocation of a takeover of france by arabs, whom it provided with tips on where they could find anonymizers and how they could use them so as not to be identified by their ip address.

Over the years, this has resulted in a network of tens of websites and newsgroups, which the mrap report refers to as the "nebulous libertyweb.Net – network" is called. More than twenty right-wing extremist websites and racist newsgroups, z.B. The infamous sos-racaille, were hosted or linked there.

An astonishingly rigorous and radical hatred of france, of its tolerance of immigrants, of the french press agency afp, of le monde, of chirac – as a "ben shirak" on so-called palestinian-friendly websites and above all on everything arab and muslim speaks a very clear language here, up to calls for assassination (chirac), calls for attacks on mosques, for the assassination of religious leaders.

Nasty also the methods used to silence other voices that participated in newsgroup discussions but decidedly disagreed and made the mistake of not sufficiently disguising their identity. Their names, and sometimes false, especially hateful photos, were placed in networks related to padophilia through fake advertisements, so that in some cases they were even reported to the police, the background of which the person concerned had no idea of; in addition, the opponents of the racists were hit with the usual mail bombs and threatening calls.

In the swamp of the libertyweb network, royalists, catholic nationalists, jewish fundamentalists (including members or. Sympathizers of the banned "league for the defense of the jews" (ligue de defense juive)) as well as sympathizers of the front national. A delicate alliance, since the lepenists are known for their anti-semitism. However, the mrap’s conclusion that the common hatred of arabs is probably stronger than anti-semitism is not necessarily true. Already in the forums, despite all the common ground, sharp animosities had also emerged between traditional anti-semites and the pro-israelite extremists.

The libertyweb network was disbanded after a demonstration in support of the allied war against iraq in the spring of this year. The camp had split. Le pen’s supporters felt close to the iraqis and did not want to be associated with the pro-israel extremists on this ie. The demonstration did not have the success the web agitators wished for. The mrap observers suspect that libertyweb and its links were taken off the network in disgust.

But just a few days later, the grassy head of the arab haters reappears on the web. And the unusual coordination between right-wing christians and jewish extremists continues: websites such as "cpiaj" (closely linked to the league for the defense of the jews), "aipj", which had a leading role in libertyweb, "amisraelhai", "antirats" set the unusual alliance with new energy and revived hatred ("arabs are dirt. We are for the end of the arabs") continues until today. So not a temporary alliance for strategic reasons after all ?

In the conclusion of the report, the authors of mrap note that arabophobic books and writings are undeniably the forerunners of this increasingly crude alliance, all the more so because, like the books of fallaci and bardot, they receive a crude legitimacy from their sales successes.

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