Sourcecode editor: visual studio code integrates jupyter notebooks

SourceCode Editor: Visual Studio Code integrates Jupyter notebooks

Microsoft has published an extension to connect jupyter notebooks for visual studio code. With the jupyter extension, the interactive code can be used directly in the sourcecode editor. For python, this has been possible for a year, but now the extension offers additional support for other programming languages.

Julia + python + r and more

Since autumn 2019, the python extension for visual studio code allows to edit jupyter notebooks. However, the latter aims primarily on further programming languages besides python. Already the name jupyter is a reference to the supported languages julia, python and r. The open source project is language-independent, even though its roots lie in a sparkling out of the command-line interpreter ipython, which was developed as well as jupyter from fernando perez.

SourceCode Editor: Visual Studio Code integrates Jupyter notebooks

In the jupyter extension, the appropriate programming language can be selected for each cell.

The now published jupyter extension for visual studio code has been created on the basis of the code in the python extension and has the tool reforested that it works with other languages. The extension has no dependence on the python runtime or extension. The latter contains vice versa the jupyter extension, so developers do not have to change.

Juggling with voice kernels

The extension provides basic functions for programming languages that support jupyter notebooks from home. According to the blog post, most voice kernels can be used unnecessary. However, some potentially adapted to automatic syntax prevention and debugging. With the release of f # 5.0 had called microsoft an integration of the programming language in jupyter and specifically referred to the jupyter extension available to the time as preview for integration in visual studio code.

Anyone who liked jupyter notebooks in visual studio code, in addition to the extension, requires the insider build of the source code editor and the appropriate jupyter kernel for the respective programming language, for example for julia.

SourceCode Editor: Visual Studio Code integrates Jupyter notebooks

The extension allows the interactive exports from julia code to visual studio code.

Further details can be found in the developer blog at microsoft. The jupyter extension for visual studio code is an open source project that is under with license and find on github.

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