Sdf cuts key is supply lines

Syria: syrian democratic forces have tightened a noose around manbij. Fighting around aleppo points to well-armed jihadists and salafists

The sdf combat alliance of syrian arab militias and kurdish ypg units, supported by the u.S. Air force and special forces, has liberated strategically important villages around the city of manbij from is control. Images of jubilation were already circulating yesterday.

Today, the special envoy of u.S. President barack obama for the fight against is, brett mcgurk, confirmed that the sdf had closed the important connecting road between manbij and al-bab and had drawn a noose around the town of manbij: is terrorists were completely surrounded and had no chance to get out of manbij, he said.

With this, another important supply artery of the is militias has been cut, reports the english-language edition of hurriyet. Previously, the road from manbij to jarabulus had come under the control of the sdf, as had the connection from manbij to jarabulus "capital" of the is, raqqa.

"If the jihadists now want to reach the turkish border from raqqa, they will be forced to take a route that is very dangerous because of the syrian army and russian airstrikes," he said", abdel rahman of the syrian observatory for human rights is quoted as saying.

The turkish government does not like the ypg’s successes, to put it mildly. Which is why the u.S. Has taken pains to portray the sdf operation as syrian arab tribes and militias led by the manbij military council holding the flags to the east, but the crucial role of the ypg is nevertheless clear to all concerned. The official language is that the ypg is responsible for logistics.

According to the turkish news agency anadolu, the u.S. Has agreed to the turkish government’s demand that the ypg would not be allowed to stay west of the euphrates river after the end of operations. The turkish auben minister spoke of guarantees the u.S. Had given for it.

Even the news of the reopening of the border between the kurdish areas in syria and iraq , buried by the special envoy mcgurk, may have found a different reception in ankara.

The syrian army (saa), which continues to advance south into raqqa province, is slowly advancing on the tabqa military airport, according to information from the pro-government al-masdar news (cf. Syria: soon end of is caliphate?).

Russian accusations of supplying weapons to al-nusra and allies

However, the publication also talks about saa losses and difficulties at al-mallah farms in northern aleppo. In april, saa success stories were coming out of the area, but now it is reported that the offensive is not going according to plan and that the resistance of the islamist rebels is higher than expected.

This confirms amptions that the jihadist-salafist fighting alliance with the al-nusra front and ahrar al-sham at its center have strengthened during the ceasefire.

The spokeswoman of the russian auben ministry, maria zakharova, stated that gross delivery of weapons to the groups in the region and in aleppo continued to be observed. They love to understand that the transports are done through turkey and quoted journalists talking about turkish military advisors working with the islamist groups.

Jaish al-fateh alliance, carried primarily by the al-nusra front and ahrar al-sham, drew attention in early june by launching an offensive in the aleppo region that they had gained strength.

Meanwhile, u.S. Publications report indications that within the u.S. Leadership, between the pentagon and the cia, there are broader differences in the strategy and support of groups.

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