Mercedes m-class: ml 500 with 408 hp presented

Mercedes m-class: ml 500 with 408 hp presented

Stuttgart, 25. June 2012 – the third generation of mercedes m-class has been on the market since september 2011. Now the ml 500 4matic blueefficiency expands the offer. In addition, mercedes offers new extras.

More efficient

Already at the second generation there was a ml 500 4matic. He has a v8 suction gasoline with 388 hp. The new motorization is in the sign of downsizing: it is again a v8, but it now has 4.7 instead of 5.5 liters of displacement. He works with two turbochargers – each one per cylinder bank. The power climbs to 408 hp that torque rises from 530 to 600 nm and is already available from 1600 / min.

From autumn in the trade

The fuel is injected over piezo injectors. A multiple cover (multi-spark ignition) should make the engine more economical. In addition, the raw emissions of unburned hydrocarbons (hc) and nitrogen oxide (nox) should sink. For a possible low consumption, a start-stop function, axle gear with less friction, the electrical power steering, an optimized belt drive and the needs-based control of the ancillaries are supposed to contribute. Nevertheless, the designation blueefficiency should not put any excess expectations, because already in the nefz, the suv consumes average 11 liters.

New tone

Not only the top model, but all m-class versions get new equipment details. Serial mabig is now the collision warning collision prevention assist including adaptive brake assistant. The sound system of bang olufsen offers a total output of 1200 watts and 14 speakers, but costs almost 5000 euros extra. The customer can now also order the m-class in cavanesesitblau or zinnoberrot. The latter, however, has nothing to do with the color of the same name, the bmw offered years ago: at the bayern it was a classic roof tile red in university, with mercedes it is a metallicclack that tends to the brown.

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