“Mass effect legendary edition”: short elevator rides and hub shear graphic

The "legendary edition" the game trilogy "mass effect" comes on 14. May with optical improvements and smaller gameplay tweaks in the trade. Bioware announced the new edition of the iconic sci-fi series in november and has now announced for the first time on the amendments.

Trailer too "mass effect: legendary edition"

All three games of the series are also in the "legendary edition" separately designed and optimized on 4k resolution. Most graphics changes are to be expected at the first part of the series, which came into trade in 2007. Bioware promises overworked graphic effects, textures and models. All three titles support the ultra-wide 21: 9 resolution and directx 11. On the website "mass effect: legendary edition" has bioware published some sliders with which one can compare old against new graphic.

At the remaster version of "mass effect 1" there are also most gameplay changes. With a new user interface, improved animations and a adjusted camera view, bioware might refresh the dusted combat system of the first part. The control of the often criticized mako vehicle was also handled. The long elevator rides of part 1 have cult status: they mask the loading times of the original mass effects. In the remaster version, the loading times were tured, the elevator rides can be skipped on request.

Uniform character editor

All three individual games include in the "legendary edition" in addition, a standardized character editor with additional individualization options. With improved options for main color and new hairstyles, it should now be better possible to create a black commander shepard. The female preset for commander shepard is now also available in all three games.

The remaster versions of the three "mass effect"-games is designed for high resolutions and comes with better shaders and sharp textures.

The "mass effect: legendary edition" includes 40 dlcs who published bioware over the years. Only the dlc "pinnacle station" for "mass effect 1" missing because the source code has been damaged. Bioware has decided on the other hand, the multiplayer mode of "mass effect 3" in the "legendary edition" to integrate – the remaster trilogy only includes the single player components.

The remaster trilogy of "mass effect" appears for pc, xbox one and playstation 4. On xbox series x / s and ps5, the games should run with improved exhibition compatibility. Bioware is currently still working on a new one "mass effect"-part of whom there is no clearer information.

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