Darkmarket: married couple “roughly illegal darknet marketplace” charged

Darkmarket: Married couple'grobtem illegalen darknet-marktplatz' angeklagt'grobtem illegalen darknet-marktplatz' angeklagt

It’s about the “worldwide cloudy marketplace in the darknet” traded, explained the attorney general koblenz, after german investigators had dusted darkmarket. Now an australian couple has been charged with the platform with around half a million users and more than 2400 sellers. This shared the rhineland-palatinate city central cybercrime of the general state platform koblenz.

“On darkmarket was traded with illegal drugs of all kinds, counterfeit money, stolen or folded credit cards, malicious software and many other illegal goods”, kept it on. At least 320.000 fell a total of more than 140 million euros with only four and then funf percent commission for the couple had been handled. Has been paid partly with cryptovia like bitcoin. The investigation resulted in the central criminal inspectorate oldenburg.

Criminal managed in the bunker

The 34-year australian is said to have been administrator of the marketplace, which unlocked the sellers as well as have monitored and paid several for the time being not yet identified. His 32-year wife should have been aware of the design of darkmarket and the skill of dispute between sellers and customers. Both, according to attorney general jurgen brauer, still have their residence in australia, but are a school-age child “on a long-term tour through europe” been.

According to brauer in june 2019, the illegal marketplace should have been launched in the so-called cyberbunker in traben-trarbach on the moselle. In the old bunker a band is to have a illegal data center for years earlier in the darknet. In september 2019, hundreds of police lifted the underground cyber bunker. For a long time in trier, a process for eight courageous operators. In the case of darkmarket, investigators concluded more than 20 servers in moldova and in ukraine. According to the brewer, the data from darkmarket should have been transferred there after the shutdown of the cyber bunker.

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