Losers, losers and failures. And the bundeswehr model markus soder

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video review

Helau! Alaaf! On wednesday the carnival has begun. And the mood on 11.11. Has been huge.

Even this laughing-stock in the distant usa can’t get itself together any more. Or is he still laughing at the prasidial scene of a now legendary press conference? Even in stephan colbert’s home studio the mood is good – despite the rumors that the country’s top political clown is about to be proclaimed king donald. Or wants to become caliph instead of caliph. In short: it remains exciting and pitiful.

So time for the official railroad joke. If you want to see the best official jokes from schmidteinander, you should click here. And that’s the end of the fun. Instead we turn on our home cinema on apple tv and watch werner herzog’s documentary "fireball: visitors from darker worlds". At least the few who have subscribed to this streaming service. The 90 minutes long film about meteorites and comets is worthwhile in any case. Here is a trailer. And herzog, who has also taken over the role of the narrator, speaks a wonderfully bavarian english. He is a rough language talent anyway, as you can see here.

Another streaming tip is the wonderful mini-series "the queen’s gambit" on netflix and chess lovers will surely enjoy the decision game. Without subscriptions and other expensive gimmicks, you can watch two wonderful, longer clips from the disney classic on youtube "fantasia", part 1 and part 2. And last but not least, here are the ten most successful german films in the u.S.

But now it’s high time for the worst pink floyd cover band ever. And for a new cult-suspicious series about alternatives to brash walking: example 1 and example 2. You can watch more of it on daniel labelle’s channel.

With that, we switch to reader tips: bistu doof?! A wutsong, wtf?, ana tijoux: rebelion de octubre, beautiful song, optical illusion, lynx vs. Rattlesnake and epic drone fails.

At the end of the broadcast, our quick run-through: animals that behave like humans, burglars in crisis, the poor mep, the legendary bridge, eric andre, corona hits v, drama about johnny cash, pc gaming 2001, simon’s cat, the tatort cult, the best videos of 2020, the astro tv unicorn set, wasabi!, the ozzy man, christian wailing songs. And the final point is set by the bundeswehr.

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