Iphone 12: apple wants to repair more instead of swapping

IPhone 12: Apple wants to repair more instead of swapping

Apple has introduced a new repair option for the iphone 12: for certain problems and damage, in-house workshops and authorized handlers are reportedly a new one "iphone rear system" order as a spare part that allows a repair – instead of performing a complete exchange of the device. Including a cracked glass print, damage to the housing, problems with the facial recognition face id as well as mistakes in the motherboard, if the device no longer turns on.

"Iphone rear system" without display and camera

The new part should be introduced in short, first for iphone 12 and 12 mini, then later on iphone 12 pro and pro max. The step is part of the effort to reduce the co2 footprint of the group, it is called in an internal memo to authorized handlers, like macrumors reported.

That "iphone rear system" however, it is far more than one item: according to the report, according to practically a complete iphone with main board and battery – only display and backside camera are missing. These elements are then taken from the defective iphone of the owner, it will continue to be called. In order for a repair to be carried out, these components do not have any damage.

Expensive iphone repair

Which price apple for the new repair option is estimated against end customers, remains unclear for the time being. Internally this seems "iphone rear system" to be priced as well as the previous exchange. The latter costs for damage that is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty at the iphone 12 depending on the model between just under 420 and 630 euros – this applies approximately even for a back side damaged by a fall.

Apple exchanges iphones in such damage hitherto usual against recycled devices, which are usually not to be distinguished from new rates. At customers, the upcoming repair option was therefore able to approach, as a probably already scratched display or scratches on the camera lenses in this case also existing after expensive repair.

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