Internal documents: google voluntarily gives extensive user data to us police

Internal documents: Google voluntarily gives extensive user data to US police

Google, apparently, regularly forwards detailed information on individual users to us penal purposes, without taking on their contributions at the same time on their own platforms, even if the mutually violated the terms of use are violated. This reports the british guardian, citing internal police documents, which were made public under the code name #blueleaks. The affected users had often threatened online with violence or in the right-wing extremes, writes the newspaper. Critics throw google, accordingly, to harm users and at the same time want to deportate responsibility only.

Detailed user data

As the guardian exports, the documents from google cybercrime investigation group (cig). Ther, they went to a police facility in the north of california, which serves the exchange between the various local and superregional police keeps. Voluntarily translated into the filed documents, data on the online activities of the users concerned, as well as detailed user data – including e-mail and real addresses and login times with ip addresses. Many of the reports therefore also contained copies of comments that the users have made google services like youtube.

The affected users are therefore targeted by right-wing extreme comments and violent rates to the google staff ‘s visor. So have one after the name of the "asian doctor" demands the "has admitted the coronavirus outbreak" and "i will push his daughter in the face". Another affected user commented, "you have to get into the house when slapping and putting his children". Also the author of one "kill them all", i met it. But even though google reported this to the police workers, some of the comments had been deleted until the reporting of the guardian.

Google itself has now explained to the british newspaper that the reports had been initiated on a normal reporting function. Why google has not even pulled consequences for your own platforms, was not explained. Saira hussein from the electronic frontiers foundation therefore presumes the guess in the room that google only wants to secure it and asks: "if google sees his responsibility only in the report to the criminal traces, then simply continue to show?" steven renderos of the non-profit organization mediajustice refers to google’s action even as irresponsible. Hass on google’s platforms is a real problem, but the responsibility should be deported to be the solution.

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