Ford falcon fpv gt black: australian powerhouse

Ford falcon fpv gt black: australian powerhouse

Melbourne (australia), 17. August 2011 – if you want to set yourself apart from the automotive mainstream in australia, look no further than fpv: the joint venture between carmaker ford and british racing specialists prodrive. The abbreviation fpv stands for ford performance vehicles. A popular tuning object is the ford falcon sedan, which is widely used on the fifth continent and is sold as the fpv gt, among others. At the australian international motor show in july, fpv had a concept car of the gt in the "black-on-black"-style. Now the limited special model goes on sale as the "gt black" goes on sale.

Most powerful engine in the range

Ex factory the ford falcon is available exclusively with 4.0 liters of coarse inline six cylinders. The standard version produces 265 hp, the lpg version 269 hp and the turbo 367 hp. The turbocharged six is used by ford performance vehicles in the f6 model, which is also based on the falcon, with 420 hp. Under the hood of the model fpv gt as well as the gt black works however a 5,0 liter coarse compressor v8. This carries the addition traditional with ford "boss", which is also used in connection with a particularly sporty version of the ford mustang. The engine produces 455 hp and a maximum torque of 570 nm, which is available from 2200 to 5500 revs. Shifting is done either via a manual six-speed transmission or a six-speed automatic from zf, with which the driver can alternatively sequentially change gears himself.

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