Exhaust gas fraud: raid at volkswagen and continental

Exhaust gas fraud: raid at Volkswagen and Continental

Prosecutor’s office and police have searched for volkswagen and the car supplier continental today on wednesday, various locations. This is associated with investigations with the shut-off systems used by volkswagen in the exhaust gas purification of a diesel engine, shared the car supplier in hannover. Volkswagen also confirmed the raid.

Continantal cooperates with the resist

According to continental, the investigators were presented in hanover, frankfurt and regensburg. The company work "full circumferential with the agents" together. Continental does not take care of the stand of the procedure.

However, continental crafted his position from fruheren exams: "we have not delivered any of our customers software for the purpose of manipulating output values." rather, the "in the relevant period of valid exhaust gas limits".

Which suppliers have participated?

The exhaust fighters at volkswagen was incurred in september 2015. The automaker had installed in the us manipulated exhaust gas cleaning systems in diesel vehicles, which indicated significantly lower nitrogen oxide emissions in the test operation, as in the actual operation on the strain. Father gave the question of whether suppliers such as bosch or zf could be inaugurated in the exchange intentions. They deny this.

In january, the japanese manufacturer mitsubishi was also suspected to have cheated out diesel purchasers with illegal shutdown facilities. In a raid in four federal stations, investigators searched business compartments of the german mitsubishi-niedermong, a subsidiary and two gross suppliers. Continental employees were conducted in the procedure as a witness.

Chronology of the exhaust scandal

in mid-september 2015: the us environmental agreement epa accuses the volkswagen group to have equipped diesel cars of the years 2009 to 2015 with a software that explains the exams on us environmental provisions. Similar examination results also came the california air resources board (carb). Both registrations send complaints to vw. (in the picture: central of the epa in washington d.C.To)

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