“Elden ring”, “wonderlands”, “evil dead”: the highlights of the summer game fest

With the opening of the summer game, numerous gaming trailers were shown, even some new arrival goods were to be seen in the livestream. This pays among other things "tina tina’s wonderlands", a spin-off of the "borderlands"-set of gebook. The highlight of the online event was clearly a first trailer trailer "elden ring", in the first gameplay scenes were to be seen. Our site has compiled the most interesting games and trailers from the event.

"Elden ring"

The action roleplay "elden ring" from fromsoftware to the biggest games that are currently under development. For the first time, gameplay scenes to see the new work of fromsoftware for the first time in the opening stream of the summer game, which in cooperation with george r. R. Martin is created. The video was allowed to meet the expectations of the fans: there are aspeated opponent designs, huge bosses, breathtaking environments and a pile of drama.

Trailer too "elden ring" (source: bandai namco)

"Tiny tina’s wonderlands"

The end "borderlands" will "wonderlands": in this spin-off the popular shooter series, developer gearbox changes in a fantasy universe. From "borderlands" known tiny tina plays a kind of dungeon master and drives the story. Playfully seems a lot of the preserved concept of "borderlands"-to stay games, this time with magic and dragon. The actor andy samberg, will arnett and wanda skyes give figures from the game the voices.

"Jurassic world evolution 2"

Frontier developments works on a successor for the starting game "jurassic world evolution" from 2018. The studio made itself mainly with the titles "planet coaster" and "planet zoo" a name and is known for detailed and extensive build-up. For "jurassic world evolution 2" frontier promises a new campaign from actors from the "jurassic world"-movie series is setped. The title was present at the summer game fest from jeff goldblum. At the end of 2021 should "jurassic world evolution 2" for pc and xbox and playstation consoles come to the market.

"Death stranding director’s cut"

The game experiment "death stranding" hideo kojima becomes the ps5 as "director’s cut" republished. So far, there is no information about what is going on in the director’s cut for the new sony console. The developers promise only the original "expanded" has been.

"Salt and sacrifice"

The indie-studio ska studios has a successor for its highly praised soulslike hit "salt and sanctuary" announced. How part 1 will also "salt and sacrifice" played in 2d graphics, on request in co-op mode. The title should appear 2022, on the summer game firmly festively started for the ps4 and ps5 announced.

"Two-point campus"

The makers of humorous hospital simulation "tow point hospital" to build players and players as a precharge chaotic university campus. "Two-point campus" appears 2022 for pc, xbox and playstation consoles and the nintendo switch.

"The anacrusis"

A kind of "left 4 dead" with aliens: "the anacrusis" will appear exclusively on the pc and xbox consoles. In the first-person perspective and hubscher comic graphics are burned together with colleagues through the wilting of a stranded spaceship.

"Vampire the masquerade: bloodhunt"

In the world of "vampires: the masquerade" plays the upcoming title of the developer studio sharkmob. "Vampire: bloodhunt" becomes a battle-royale shooter and starts in the alpha phase in july, the release is scheduled for the year of the year.

"House of ashes"

The third part of the "dark pictures: anthology"-row comes on 22. October 2021 on the market. This time it’s about soldiers who get it with underground vampire concern. How the two transaction becomes "house of ashes" from supermassive games an interactive thriller in which it is above all about that "right" to make decisions.

"The planet of lana"

One of the most serious trailers of the event comes from the indie-studio wishfully, which "planet of lana" a hand-drawn platform adventure developed. In his most tuning moments, the trailer awakens reminders of titles like "limbo" and "inside". "Planet of lana" is exclusively developed for pc and xbox.

"Lost ark"

The online rpg already available in asia "lost ark" comes in autumn 2021 to europe – the game is marketed by amazon. The free2play game has been completely localized, the texts in german reconciled.

"Payday 3", "painkiller 3" and "kingdom come: delivance"

Koch media has introduced his new publishing label prime matter. To the first games that appear under the prime matter banner "payday 3" and "painkiller 3". In addition, prime matter brings the middle ages roleplay "kingom come: delivance" on the nintendo switch. In the trailer, other titles are also visible to the portfolio of prime matter.

"Back 4 blood"

The multiplayer shooter "back 4 blood" goes into the beta phase in summer. For this occasion, publisher warner bros. A short gameplay trailer to the spiritual successor of "left 4 dead" released. The game is developed by former valve employees, who once worked on the iconic coop shooter. As a release is the 12. October scheduled.

"Evil dead: the game"

Even more zombie action: "evil dead: the game" is developed by saber interactive, the studio, which last about the switch port of "the witcher 3" and the new edition of the ego shooter "crysis" worked. With "evil dead: the game" saber interactive now represents something own on the legs – the release is scheduled for 2021. The action game can be played in both cooperative mode and against each other.

The effortstream of the summer game festival was moderated by geoff keighley, who also co-organized the event. The summer game festival was launched last year as a substitute for the e3 fallen into the water and now found for the second time – although the e3 takes place at least purely digital this year. You noticed that of the program something: with the exception of "elden ring" lacked it largely to the very coarse blockbusters of the main gaming studios. Many of them reveal their pretition title for the coming days. To the summer game heart more events and streams in the coming weeks, officially starts on saturday the online game fair e3.

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