Bundeswehr as a training camp for violent islamists?

The military counterintelligence service wants more personnel and finances

Not only prisons, but also the german armed forces call for islamist radicalization.

At least that is what the president of the military counterintelligence service (mad), christof gramm, told die welt. So while the bundeswehr trains afghan soldiers or kurdish fighters to fight against the taliban or islamic state, there is a risk that they will not be able to do so, "that the bundeswehr can be misused as a training camp for violent islamists".

The bundeswehr has already attracted right-wing extremists, now it is said to be islamists who take advantage of the training offered by the bundeswehr to participate in the battles in iraq or syria and defend the caliphate of head cutters, holy nihilists and vandals. Mad had identified 20 former bundeswehr soldiers who had traveled to syria or iraq. So after the exercises of the bundeswehr into the islamist adventure of a real war and the possibility to kill other people.

So they have acquired the soldierly skills to kill other people, only they apply this for the wrong principal and the wrong purpose. What soldiers learn to operate weapons even with the purpose of killing, to fall in line and obey orders, to think strategically and tactically, is actually "dual use". The purpose is not fixed, as in the case of a knife with which you can cut and stab. He who does it for the "good" thing kills, but is a hero who does it for the "bose" thing, a beast or whatever that must be eliminated. This works reciprocally. The question is whether military training can be done in such a way that those being trained are only meant to "good" the german armed forces have to obey the law of war, i.E. The pure defense of a democratic constitutional state, which is difficult when germany defends itself in the hindu kush and cooperates with allies who like to eliminate suspects with armed drones.

But well, these are perhaps far-fetched questions. At the mad, of which one has heard little, in contrast to the bnd or the verfangsschutz, one is supposedly worried that more and more people are, "who are susceptible to extremist ideas", the bundeswehr as "training camps" could use. Of course, one could also wonder about kindergartens, schools or universities, which sometimes help people who are susceptible to extremist ideas to get a certain education, which can’t hurt if you are doing something hostile to the state.

On the other hand, people who enjoy adventure and feel the thrill of deadly games could be attracted to the bundeswehr. If they then get into islamist circles, what they have learned there and the attitude they have been taught could be of use to them. Then the bundeswehr was not abused, but was rather a kind of flow heater. Soldiers trained by western democracies in their armies do not necessarily join islamists, they also serve as soldiers, fight for kiev or against it, for the is or for kurds.

In spain, burghers have now been arrested, who were responsible for the eastern ukrainian "people’s republics" are said to have fought. The same was done to those who sought adventure or demonstrated solidarity in western ukrainian militias? In conformity, the world journalists ask only for ex-bundeswehr soldiers among the pro-russian separatists. There is one case, according to gramm.

But as far as the mad and the bundeswehr are concerned, deeper questions were probably not allowed to play a role. Gramm called for mad to be given more authority to investigate applicants as early as a year ago "basic check" and to check the fidelity of the catch. Thus one had fished out a soldier, with whom one had found a "disturbed relationship to the liberal-democratic basic order established" whether and how this could also be the case with secret services is of course not an ie. Until now, military intelligence has only been allowed to advise, but not to inspect. So it’s about expanding the position of the mad and increasing its personnel and finances – because allegedly 20 former soldiers went to syria or iraq. Somehow gramm suggests that mad would be better able to select preemptively: "if some intelligent islamist comes to the scene and conceals the reasons for his interest, his attitude can hardly be prevented." in contrast, the intelligence chief supposedly knows how to recognize islamists, even though right-wing extremists are actually the more serious problem and left-wing extremists seem to avoid the bundeswehr:

Generally speaking: followers of salafism try to live like muslims did 1400 years ago. Indicators for this could be, for example, that they only enter the communal shower dressed, use wooden sticks instead of toothbrushes, and take great care that their plates do not come into contact with pork. Not everyone who behaves in a certain way is immediately an extremist. But for us some things are reason enough to take a closer look.

Do you really need a secret service for that?? The welt journalists did not want to venture that far, preferring to ask what the secret service was worried about. And there was a philosophical, even existentialist answer: the increasing homelessness leads to extremism:

In the philosopher ernst bloch, the concept of the homeland is a central idea. This also includes the longing for identity, for meaning, for the value of one’s own person. And i note: the number of the homeless and disoriented in our society is significantly increasing. This applies to basic political convictions, but also to ideological and religious ties. For many, this background raises the question: how can i find a deeper meaning in this life with fixed stopping points?? Some young islamists apparently fill this vacuum with the desire to become a hero in the jihad. We have to expect that the number of people who are susceptible to extremist ideas will not decrease. The bundeswehr must also face up to this.

One could have asked whether the secret service can be the solution to homelessness and the shift to extremism, but the journalists wanted to give more space to the demands of the head of the secret service for more personnel and better techniques, instead of asking even once critically. It may be that this was the agreement for the talks, but then it should be made known. So now we know that the mad wants to take preventive action and demands more personnel and better technical equipment in order to upgrade counterintelligence against the russians or the chinese. Of course, the espionage of nsa and co. Is not the only thing we can do. Or the relations between mad and nsa not the speech. You can’t make everything a subject of discussion, you will reply. But the lack of questions is unfortunately symptomatic – also with the media like the tagesschau, which pass on the interview without criticism.

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