Blue origin vs. Spacex: complaint against nasa order for moon country rates

Blue Origin vs. Spacex: Complaint against NASA order for moon country rates

After the nasa spacex has commissioned the development of landing agencies for the planned mission missions, the unintended competitors have filed a complaint. Both the space company blue orzins from amazon-grunder and the lesser-known company dynetics have appealed to the us court of auditors (government accountability office, gao) complaint against the decision, reports the new york times. Blue origins is therefore criticized that benefits of their own proposal were mispreduced and underestimated technical risks of the concept of spacex.

Milliardare wants government money

In the middle of april, the nasa had informed that only spacex should build a landing agent, with which already 2024 people should land on the moon. The then nasa boss had explained in autumn that he was worried, only one concept should be selected, quotes the us newspaper. When the us space agency sets on private contractors, it usually commissions several companies to have an alternative in the case of jerking. For example, in the case of spacecapsules for private flights to the iss, it was upgraded: during spacex, astronauts and astronauts brings to the international space station, boeing hangs far behind. In the case of the moon country rates, among other things, lack of money was responsible for only spacex to come to.

The complaints in front of the us court of auditors now show clearly how much the spatial margins of the tech billionare elon musk and jeff bezos are depending on the usage of such profane things like applying the us government. The contract on the moon country rates is intended to bring up to $ 2.89 billion (approximately 2.42 billion euros). Spacex boss elon musk now made fun of the appeal of blue origin on twitter, because unlike his company, the competitor did not even reach the orbit. In the concept of a moon country ride, bezos’ group cooperates with the three experienced rating corporations lockheed martin, northrop grumman and draper

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