Bitcoin co.: china’s banks do not make any more managers with crypto money

Bitcoin  Amp; Co.: China's banks can not do business with crypto money anymore

China records his action against cryptovia continues: banks and payment service providers now became any business with bitcoins co. Forbidden. The national association for internet finance, the banking association and the association for payments and clearing on tuesday has now reported, among other things, the chinese global times.

Among other things, the organizations refer to the risks associated with cryptovation and warned investors that were not legally protected and thus had to be carried by suffered losses themselves.

Immense price fluctuations

The frequently serving as a newspaper serving as an english propagandagan, among other things, refer to the youngest price fluctuations of the requirements of bitcoin and dogecoin. Hands closely related to the exercises of the tesla chef elon musk, who had lost the crypto market with opposed opinions last. So he had only explained that tesla bitcoins was accepted as a means of payment and had also invested in the most important cryptography. But last week, but the turnaround and citing the long-known bad environmental balance sheet followed the departure. At dogecoin, he caused a similar manner to and from the course.

The now took place against cryptovascuses like the bitcoin is only the youngest in a whole series of macaws of state bodies in china. Especially because of the low electricity prices, the country dominates the bitcoin mining, however, however, is contradictory. On the other hand, mails are explained, then backed up again. Only a few days ago had been predicted that the highlight of the european miner energy promoter was only 2024 – if they are responsible for more than funf percent of china’s co2 emissions from power generation. If china actually wants to become co2-neutral up to 2060, had to be made to the miners, threw it.

Bitcoin course continues

The consequences of the balance of banks for the bitcoin co. Now become, is still unclear. Anyway, the course has fallen by another 10 percent since then and is now below 40.000 us dollars. China, meanwhile, continues to work on a state digital food, for that, there were always more and more tests. When the world comes to beijing 2022 for the winter olympics, it should pay with digital yuan.

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