About the apple “where is?”-app

About the Apple'wo ist?'-app'wo ist?'-app

Apple is also its in ios 15, macos 12 and watchos 8 "where is?"-application redesign. You will receive some usual new features for finding iphones, ipads, apple-watchgraten, airpods and airtags plus "find my"-compatible accessories.

Whether airpod or iphone does not matter

So apple implemented kauftig so-called separation alerts, ie separation warnings. These alert the user if you leave a place, find-my-compatible products but does not take. This is particularly practical about the earstenses and headhorists of the airpods line, but it also works for all others in which this is in the "where is?"-app activated. There is a simple switch in the settings of the individual devices. It is also possible to determine what places you are informed about the separation – about only unknown locations and not at home.

Separation warnings are very practical and can be used approximately to be informed about the loss of a suitcase when traveling when a suitable day is due to this; not all competitive trackers such as that of tile supported the feature. It is commendable that apple can now easily enable it via software and apparently for all find-my-compatible products. Also new in the "where is?"-app is the possibility to find even gates that have been switched off or loosened. How exactly this works, apple has not yet been communicated; it is likely that here the last known location will be transferred. Apple also emphasizes that equipment with activation barrier can still be found even if they were deleted; the loose without deactivation of the lock is not enough to turn off find my. In the start screen of an iphone is clearly clearly indicated that the device is still activated on another person.

Own app for the first time for the watch

Also new is that the "where is?"-app also comes to the apple watch. It is a stand-alone application that is part of watchos 8. The app makes it possible to query the locations of find-my products directly on the computer clock; however, you can only add new items on the iphone.

Apple’s find my network relies on the dissemination of apple products such as the iphone device in the system logs on to them and the position is transmitted. Apple had previously presented its own tracker hardware with ultra-wideband and bluetooth with the airtag.

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