1. Quarter: apple lands fat sales and profit plus

1. Quarter: Apple lands fat sales and profit plus

As if it did not give corona: apple again present excellent quarterly numbers. From january to marz, apple increased its turnover to $ 89.6 billion, which is a plus of 54 percent year-on-year. The profit reaches $ 23.6 billion, a whopping doubling.

This is all the more amazing when apple writes mostly weaker numbers in the first quarter. Most money will be in "iphone quarter", so the christmas business, deserves. 2020/2021, however, iphones came to the market for a month later and the christfest was different for apple than anyone else before.

Everything growth, especially the mac and the ipads

Apple’s new super numbers relate to almost all areas of the group. The iphone sales is almost two-thirds high than in the same quarter of the previous year ($ 48 billion). The mac division brings an elsewhere of 70 percent (now $ 9.1 billion) on the scales. Tablets, ie ipads, have grown 79 percent (now 7.8 billion). Sold stucco numbers communicates apple no longer since a long time, but only calls revenue.

Services and mac should never have generated so high eras as in this quarter. The service business reaches $ 16.9 billion (comparative quarter: 13.4 billion). In the wearables segment and homepod, airpods and accessories, growth results in 7.8 billion, plus at least 25 percent. In the christmas quarter, however, the group had 30 percent to grow here.

1. Quarter: Apple lands fat sales and profit plus
1. Quarter: Apple lands fat sales and profit plus

China taiwan + 87%

In the region comparison "europe" with 56 percent more sales ($ 23.3 billion) has grown properly. Apple also books india, the middle east and africa.

First, the region is "americas" with north, central and sud america (plus 35% to $ 34.3 billion). But in china (including taiwan), the group even creates 87 percent sales growth to 17.7 billion dollars. The corona delle works there overwounds.

Apple financial chef luca maestri reports an operating cash flow of 24 billion dollars. He has reduced 23 billion dollars through share budgets and dividends to the shareholders. Per share owners now receive 22 us cent dividend, a plus of seven percent. Is paid on 13. May.

The board of directors approved another 90 billion dollars for equity print buying. The group traditionally invests in itself, not to build too much cash position. The borse reacted positive apples. In absorbors, the course has increased by about 2.5 percent.

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