Visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8 is ready for .net 5

Visual Studio 2019 for Mac 8.8 is ready for .NET 5

Point to the appearance of .Net 5 also sets microsoft a new release of its development environment for apple systems. Visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8 is not only complete at work with the latest .Net version prepared, but also contains some improvements for xamarin developers and allows debugging blazor webassembly applications (wasm).

Debugging blazor webassembly

With the process release 8.7 the ide had for the first time the debugging from blazor server to allow for the first time, visual studio 2019 for mac also supports blazor webagsembly apps, so developers can now build their code for troubleshooting in the ide progressively exports. Also setting and removing breakpoints as well as observing the values of local variables are therefore possible. However, a prerequisite for debugging is still a chromium-based browser (chrome, edge), apple’s safari under macos is not yet supported. Clear details of debugging blazor webassembly can be found in the associated documentation.

More power with .Net 5

Developers who .Want to create net applications in visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8 the complete functionality of .Net 5 available, including its numerous performance improvements. A more consistent performance promise, among other things, the garbage collection, pinned object heap and graduated compilation. With .Net 5 will be possible in addition to accommodating new applications in a single executable and benefit from more compact container image coars.

Some simplifications also promises support for version 9 of the programming language c #. The possibility to create simpler programs directly on the top level (top level) and to do without the boilerplate code required so far, gives more overview. By way of derogation from the object-oriented approach of c # opords in the latest version developers and developers also the option of creating objects unfit and assigned to them the behavior of values.

Cross platform with xamarin

For cross-platform development with xamarin can be found in visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8 also some improvements – including, for example, support for the preview of xamarin.Forms 5.0. This hold among other several new controls and functions for creating user interfaces, such as app themes (dark fashion), brushes, carouselview, radiobutton, shapes and paths and swipeview.

More details about the new version of the ide and their complete functional scope are interested in the blog post to the publication of visual studio 2019 for mac 8.8th.

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