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Titan a.E. Lets hand-drawn cartoon characters fight against body-less underprinters – in a galaxy from the computer

In the first minutes the earth explodes. Fleeing spaceships crushed by boulders, moon pulverized. Titan a.E. Blows away the tradition of the crude hollywood animated film. Not with the world of "anastasia" the viewer should compare it, not even with science fiction like "independence day". There it was enough for the aliens to blow up the white house. The energy beam in titan a. E. Reminds of this weapon, only here in the year 3028 the alien drej destroyed the whole planet with it.

Titan a. E. Wants totales: to establish animated film as an adult medium, to bring together computer-generated three-dimensional graphics and hand-drawn two-dimensional characters.

The story is traditional. Cale, a hero like luke skywalker, has only memories of his father: when the drej attacked, the scientist put him in a rescue ship, gave him a ring and said that hope was not lost. A decade later, cale, now a dockworker at a rusty spaceport like so many escapees, is suddenly called upon to do great things: the ring can take him to the titan, a spaceship that may give humans a new home.

It is self-evident that cale goes on a search. It does not have to be founded as one after the father, after one’s own identity. Cale is called to the salvation of mankind. Other figures feel the same way. But this two-dimensionality does not bother at all. Cartoon characters are flat to make images and music more vivid.

And here the computer-generated animation is breathtaking: a chase sequence as spaceships chase through a swarm of reflective ice crystals smashing against each other, a water-covered planet with trees of hydrogen that explode on contact. In a wide shot of the destruction of the earth, you can see the ships crashing together with rocks. The spectator is helpless like them: where to look? Ships explode everywhere, some make it, some don’t. Whose death is worth seeing, which can be forgotten?

There is tension between the tremendously precise, detailed computer-animated images and the drawn characters limited to essential details. At times they seem too small in this environment. Not without reason people fight in titan a.E. Against drej, soulless beings that are actually made of pure energy and can take on any form. The two-dimensional humans rebel with their drawers, shouting to their computer-animated environment: "we are alive."

Titan a is worth seeing. E. Not that it relies solely on an overabundance of action and imagery. It is disturbing that the film regards humans as a superior race from the start. That’s why the drej destroyed the earth, that’s why they hunt down even the few survivors. The tension between people and environment is not carried out. This contradicts the images of the film, because titan a is worth seeing.E. Not because of people, but because of technology.

Titan a.E., usa 1999, director: don bluth, gary goldman. Book: ben edlung, john august, joss whedon. Music: glen ballard. Distribution: fox. Length: 95 minutes.

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