Swabian armored cruiser: mercedes s 600 pullman guard

Swabian armored cruiser: mercedes s 600 pullman guard

Stuttgart, 24. September 2008 – "well run is better than badly driven" – that the "upper ten thousand" vehemently disagree with this popular wisdom has nothing to do with obscurity of status. In view of the threat posed by criminals or terrorists, some rich or powerful people regard even a short trip to fub as an incalculable risk. For this clientele mercedes has now added the s 600 pullman guard, a contemporary successor to the chrome flashing original 600. We could already before the official premiere on the pariser salon (4. To 19. October) once in the speciallygeschutzten vehicle test-seat.

Safety at 6.36 meters

The model designation of the stuttgart giant already indicates the two most important features. The name "pullman" is derived from the us industrialist george m. Pullman, who in the 19th. Century invented particularly luxurious sleeping cars. The term "guard" refers to the armored special protection vehicles of the mercedes-benz brand. What the latter means, i realize already on arrival: the heavy and thick door can be pushed open from the inside only with a lot of force. Now it is clear why the doors are always opened from the outside during state visits. A little later, the s 600 pullman guard is unveiled. The visual appearance alone is enough to give you puzzlement: the wheelbase has been increased by 1.15 meters compared with the long-wheelbase version of the s-class, which is certainly not small, and now measures 4.31 meters. The total length is definitely not parkable 6.36 meters, which exceeds even a maybach 62. Mercedes itself rightly speaks of a "majestic format".

Space without end

In addition to safety, the s 600 pullman guard is also about generous space. The roof has been raised by 60 millimeters with the rear window at a steeper angle. For better access, the body can be raised pneumatically by about 40 millimeters. So it’s high time to move to the rear seats. A total of four seats are available in the rear, two of which are positioned opposite the direction of travel. The coarseness of the four-seater lounge makes an impression: there are supposed to be student stalls that are smaller.

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