Starting signal

Starting signal

Koln, 11. Mar 2015 – in the stagnating van segment, ford is well positioned in terms of perspective: the b-max, based on the fiesta, has only been on the market for a little more than two years, the s-max comes to the handlers in september. In between are positioned two c-max models, which are sold immediately in renovated form.

New nose

The clean shape was changed only in details. The current c-max, which has been on sale in germany since december 2010, has been given a new front end that now resembles other models from the same company. In essence it was. Unfortunately, we don’t know why the manufacturers want to make it difficult to distinguish their models at a glance. However, it can be stated that this phenomenon is now widespread.

More importantly, ford has de-trunked the van inside. Except for a few details, the dashboard is now similar to the one in the redesigned focus. The multimedia department has been brought up to date with ford’s current standards. The two inexpensive equipment ambiente and trend have a cd radio without surcharge to offer. In the basic version ambiente, the customer can not upgrade this system even against additional payment. "Trend" buyers, on the other hand, have a choice of almost everything in the audio and navigation area; they only have to do without the "premium sound system" from sony.

Decoy offer

The price list is tricky anyway. The official base price is 17.850 euros. You can’t even get a new golf with five doors for that. But the cheapest c-max has a catch, it can hardly be pimped out. Apart from metallic paint, auxiliary heating and a manual air conditioning system, there is hardly anything else that can be configured. The customer has here also only the choice between the two weakest gasoline engines and the 95 hp diesel.

The 1900 euro more expensive equipment trend brings, among other things, air conditioning, driver’s seat with lumbar support and leather steering wheel in addition. The business line also offers a navigation system, cruise control, rear parking sensors and fog lights. The most expensive equipment "titanium" builds on the "trend" line and wants to convince with things like rain sensor, automatic climate control, alloy wheels and keyless entry system. The grand c-max with a bit more space and rear sliding doors costs 1500 euros more.

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