Second end

Second end

Zeewolde (netherlands), 22. December 2014 – the revival of rough, past brands do not succeed alone through the rough name. Like the hollandic sports car forge spyker himself, she has been insolvent for three days. The state-owned district court had awarded to the company on the second december 2014 credible protection. Now this was ended and the company for bankrupt is explained. Reason: the hoped-for transferred loan did not meet in time at spyker.

That from for the company did not quite unexpected. It was known that sports car production was not profitable. The company was founded in 1999 by the dutch lawyers and entrepreneur victor r. Muller. He acquired the rights to the brand, which came to the world in 1880 as a carriage maker – the most famous vehicle of the original company is the golden carriage, with which the hollandic konigin ride for the opening of parliament. Father started spyker with the car and aircraft production until the company in 1926 had to be handled in a row of the economic crisis after the first world war.

Spyker afraid once to the most innovative brands of europe

For petrolheads and technology-interested epochal is the first car with permanent four-wheel drive, which spyker already presented in 1903 and that in its structure anticipated the classic railing carriages by many decades. The everyday sports car presented, among other things, for the first time series-mabig a six-cylinder engine and brakes at all channels. This was far ahead of his time.

From 2005, the new company spyker began production in zeewolde, east of amsterdam. The sports car c8 was manufactured, which was driven by a 4.2-liter v8 of audi. In 2007, spyker rose through the purchase of the formula 1 stable midland f1 in racing. After just one year, the team was already sold again – it now occurs as force india.

In 2008 spyker brought with the c12 a second sports car with a six-w12 of vw on the market. In february 2010, spyker acquired the ailing brand saab of general motors. Then it first bothered, spyker wanted to sell the sports car business and focus on saab. But saab was already in 2011, and the entry of chinese investors failed. Now spyker has caught himself. Muller, however, does not leave the head hung, but quotes winston churchill: "that’s not the end. It’s not even the beginning of the end. It is probably the end of the beginning." he (muller) wool work on the rewriting of spyker. The company should merge with a manufacturer of electrically powered aircraft and develop revolutionaries spyker products. Fantasy or entrepreneurship? In any case, these think the company motto: "for the persistent is not an unlawful." (nulla tenaci invia est via.To)

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