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The swiss it scene is financially solid, well-organized and well-connected. That is why hp, microsoft and orange organize an annual customer event: the x.Days. The accompanying program of prominent speakers, however, shows the self-consciousness of the scene – involuntarily

Tv presenter sandra studer opens the day with a thunderclap. Morning at 9.30 o’clock the aged bernrock group span (according to the printed drum on "maraton tour") dells the first horn bones and then after a song stand of the heads of hp, orange and microsoft passes the stage of the future. 1100 it managers and consultants straighten their ties blown up by the sound level and get ready for something new.

Ray kurzweil also has less problems with this than with the remote control of powerpoint slides. For him the case is clear. Nature has taken billions of years to bring so-called life into the world quite inefficiently. In just one century, it will grow up and merge with biotechnology, building new butt bubbles that let people sit under water in a swimming pool for up to 20 minutes.

Kurzweil does not say why. It is important for him to let the model of god slowly pass over into a mechanized superman of nietzschean pragmatism. And that is more than convenient for a scene that thrives on growth and thus on more and more technology.

So far, the math works out. According to moore’s law, the capacity of processors has doubled every ten years, while the cost of some of them has fallen to a tenth of what it used to be. And that with double-digit sales growth. From this point of view, some people in the auditorium could loosen their belts and sit with their legs apart, because it seems to be a tremendous value-added generator. And poverty does not break out among it managers. Not so far, because the effects could develop in a completely different direction with the increasing empowerment of each individual.

Swarm intelligence is, according to heiner g. Koppermann, swarm intelligence is responsible for a new approach to innovation in modern companies that can no longer be controlled centrally. And that can easily escape a central it department with its carefully growing budgets. Just as a metal ball always rolls downwards on an inclined plane, the rollout of each new version of a software seemed to be preprogrammed. But just as you can’t predict the crawling of a mouse at this level, in the future such self-regulating systems will also go their own way. And that doesn’t always have to be in the it industry’s interest. Then the key account manager can only sit on the bottom of the swimming pool crying with ray kurzweil.

Monday, the 20.3. To the x.Days. Photo: x.Days

Lothar spath, highlight before his well-deserved lunch, must know how much centralism can be a hindrance and how difficult it is to lead a giant company in a planned way on new paths. If you believe him, then the saving idea for the jena optics came about mainly through a drunken night with swabians in singapore, so not very planned. And certainly not grown on the crap of a technical team. Spath considers technicians to be the biggest enemies of customers anyway, because they don’t want to generate sales, but respect for their own work.

So dismiss the x.Days into the afternoon full of technical sessions and the eternal mantra that the best features for the best price have been tailored to the optimal solution for the customer. This does not really want to degenerate into euphoria. Especially not when the last speaker of the day, reinhold messner, talks openly about having achieved his successes by leaving out equipment.

Perhaps the hateful truth of a scene set lies in the final image of the day as the 1100 visitors approach the exit. Past carefully layered lemonades on ice, but no one wants to touch them anymore. Because harder drinks are waiting outside and people have simply got used to the ones in the house without much thought.

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