Maserati quattroporte s to 590 hp

Maserati quattroporte s to 590 hp

Stetten, 22. July 2010 – the recipe has been the same for almost 50 years: a maserati quattroporte should transport four people sporty luxurious from a to b. In 1963, the first came to the market, since 2003 the current generation has been available, which received a slight facelift in 2008. Tuner novitec tridente has provided the sports car with more power and the elegant line is not redesigned to the delight of many fans.

Overworked eight cylinder

The compressor motor is based on the 4.7-liter machine from the quattropoort s. The technicians installed a mechanical loader powered by a v-ribbed belt. The maximum boost prere is limited to 0.35 bar. A water-boiled charge air skool ensures a cooler temperature of the intake air. The conversion is completed by a newly designed suction tract and coarse injectors. A newly calibrated engine electronics should guarantee an optimal performance yield.

160 hp more

Instead of the serial mabigies 430, the quattropoors s now brings 590 hp, at the same time the maximum torque will grow from 490 to 572 nm. In combination with the six-speed automatic transmission, the tuned quattropoort protects from zero to speed 100 in 4.6 seconds. The serial variant requires 5.4 seconds for it. The 200 km / h brand cracks novitec trident in 14.9 seconds. Maximum are 295 km / h possible, which is 15 km / h more than the common quattropoorte s. For the engine conversion, at least 23.681 euro fally.

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