Macos: google promises less battery rab by the chrome browser

MacOS: Google promises less battery rab by the Chrome Browser

If you have many tabs open in chrome, you can quickly find the battery indicator in macos that the google browser is frequently akufresser number one. With several maws, the company wants to at least mitigate this.

"Continuous investment"

In upcoming versions different new features and changes are planned, google shared against the wall street journal with. Like max christoff, director of browser engineering in the chrome team, this is one "continuous investment in improvements at speed, performance and battery life".

Tabs in the background

Google plans among other things to optimize the so-called tab throttling. In this case, active tabs should be better prioritized and those in the background are frozen. Resources are still completely unused here. So javascript-time-wake-ups will only be a minus possible for pages that are in the background. "Power at chrome is a journey and no goal", so christoff.

Two hours more battery?

Already in the upcoming chrome version 86 the tab-throttling could grab. According to internal google experiments, 36 facilitated tabs can be saved so allegedly up to two hours of battery life when there are no further applications.

Money still with advert

Chrome should also be able to automatically reduce the resource-intensive advertisement – with google, where the most money is earned with advertising, was allowed to be in a target conflict here. To be expected, with first optimized versions probably already in august. Apple had argued for his new safari browsers in macos 11 big sur with various good benchmarks – the browser has new integrated privacy functions.

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