Infineon back in the profit zone

Infineon Back in the profit zone

The chip manufacturer infineon is back in the profit zone. From july to september, the dax group earned 109 million euros, as he announced on monday. In the previous quarter, he had slipped in the red figures in the short term, which was located in addition to burdens by the corona crisis, however, also at high costs for the usage of us competitor cypress. Both have left traces: throughout the business year, the 30. September ended, sacking the profit by more than half of the half to 368 million euros.

For the reduced to 9 billion euros, the us chip manufacturer cypress semiconductors placed 55 million new shares in may of this year in may of this year. Thus, the group grossed 1.06 billion euros, which were provided as part of the refinancing of the suppuration.

Dividend ahead of the precautionary

Infineon boss reinhard ploss spoke of one "very ordinary fourth quarter". "Some of our destination labels, especially the car market, have recovered better since summer than expected", he said. "Added to this is the accelerated structural change towards the electromobility, especially in europe."

For the new business year ongoing since october is ploss "in total behavior optimistic". Nevertheless, infineon is careful with the dividend and wants to short her at 5 to 22 cents. The group wants it "the serious economic impact and further persistence of the risks of the coronavirus pandemic invoice" wear and get financial scope.

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