Hyundai: genesis brand comes to europe

Hyundai: genesis brand comes to europe

Hyundai plans to enter genesis cars in europe in the future. Rumors to this effect were confirmed by brand boss manfred fitzgerald on the sidelines of the concours d’elegance in pebble beach, california dpa. He held out the prospect of sales starting at the end of the decade. "We’ll be in the mix in 2019, 2020 at the latest," fitzgerald said.

There are two main reasons why the koreans are taking so long: "by then we will have a completely new model range," said fitzgerald, who currently has the luxury sedans g80 in the format of the audi a6 and g90 in the style of a mercedes s-class in his portfolio. Rough hopes for the expansion plans rest on the g70, which will be unveiled before the end of september 2017 to compete against bmw 3 series co. In addition, the koreans are currently developing the production version of the gv80 suv study shown in the spring, which is tailored to suvs such as the lexus rx or the jaguar f-pace.

The second reason lies in the past: hyundai is still perceived by many on the european market as a brand with a good price/performance ratio. This is not the worst sales argument, but in an environment of prestige and a sense of entitlement it is not decisive. In the past, expensive hyundai and kia models sold rather sluggishly on the european market. Despite its own brand image, it will not be easy to assert itself against the established competition.

(with material from the dpa)

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