How to preserve summer vehicles

How to preserve summer vehicles

Munich, 6. October 2009 – classic cars, many convertibles and other summer cars will soon have a break: for the most part, the season ends for them at the end of october. But it is not enough to turn the key and leave the garage. Tuv sud has put together some tips on how to mothball a car properly.

Oldtimers: relieve the strain on the windshield wipers

Washing and cleaning – this is a must. To the cure before the winter belongs to take care especially of the cracks and crevices on the car. They must be absolutely clean and dry. Then polish the paintwork and apply hard wax. Also think about the windshield wipers: for example, with corks you can lift the wiper arm so that the rubbers are relieved. Otherwise these can stick after the long standing time.

Washing the underbody and engine

The underbody and the engine should be washed as well. When washing the engine, never point the jet directly at the electrical components or the carburetor. It is also advisable to spray the engine with a special cleaner beforehand. The interior should also be cleaned and the floor and trunk mats removed.

Do not fold the convertible top

In the case of a convertible, open the locks and tensioners so that the top is not under tension all the time. Do not fold the top. This can lead to cracks, especially in older models. The rubber seals should be greased with silicone.

Fill up the fluids

Fill up the tank before winter, this prevents rust. The coolant level and the windshield washer system must also be checked and topped up. For both, sufficient coolant should be ensured. For oldtimers with carburetors, tuv recommends emptying the float bowl. The reason: fuel gasses out, can become damp and then does not ignite.

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