Homeoffice is a lot of aware, overhead of lodging crowers

HomeOffice is a lot of aware, overhead of lodging crowers

This year, 32 percent of work worked at home or mobile, so in the home office, as the initiative d21 summarizes. In the past fruhsommer, she has questioned kantar 1154 for professional and apprentices from the consulting firm and found that the number of home office work-based opposes in 2019 has doubled.

36 percent of the respondents with burojob would therefore like to work for at least half of the working time from home. 51 percent of respondents with homeoffice experience can be imagined to expand the share of home work. Under the surveyed leaders from all sectors and activities, however, 25 percent gave the desire for their employees to work within the corona crisis in home office as before.

Cultural change

"The experiences of the professional corona year 2020 show that the barriers for homeoffice in the past were less in hardware than in the power of many wiring", commented hannes schwaderer, prasident of the initiative d21 . Digital work would lead to cultural change in professional life, which will challenge all those involved in the next few years.

34 percent of respondents have been working for the first time since the pandemic. From the experienced users: inside have made 38 percent more home office than before. 59 percent were partly more efficient in the home office because it gave less distraction. A rough advantage of the homeoffice see 63 percent of the respondents in burody in the coarse flexibility in the compatibility of professional and private life. 64 percent can be found by the employers: inside when switching is sufficiently supported.

Homeoffice 2020 – survey results of the initiative d21 and kantar

HomeOffice is a lot of aware, overhead of lodging crowers

74 percent of respondents who worked at home during the corona pandemic, assessed the technical equipment by their company as sufficient. The proportion of professional work with burojob, which the company has provided a long-distance access / vpn, a videoconferencing service or collaboration tools, has doubled against each time in 2019. The equipment quota rose to 33 percent both at remote access / vpn and videoconferencing services as well as collaboration tools for joint work in documents to 26 percent.

Crisis as an opportunity

"The crisis becomes a chance: companies and agitators build the necessary infrastructure in rapid tempo and can act as smoothly more flexible. That makes the german economy more resistant", says thomas jarzombek, commissioner of the federal ministry of economics for digital economics and startups.

The initiative d21 rounded in 1999 in berlin has set itself the goal, "to prevent digital cleavage of society", how it is called in the self-description. Around 200 member companies and organizations of all sectors as well as political partners of the confederation and countries participate in the association.

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