Google one backup furphone iphone

Google One Backup FurPhone iPhone

The cloud storage service one of google will therefore get a new ios app with extended range of functions. The rifle the company in a blog post. The tool should "soon" be relevant and comes with a possibility to secure data contained on the iphone on google’s servers. This applies to photos, videos, contacts and calendar events, google shared with. Further data can not be easily secured under ios – apple has advanced access options with its icloud backup function here.

Up to 2 tbyte for 100 euros a year

Google one offers users standard 15 gb of free space; this is part of the regular google accounts. It can be used on the different google services. If more data is to be backed up, a google-one subscription must be.

This costs for 100 gb 20 euros per year – or 2 euros a month. 200 gb are available for 30 euros a year or 3 euros a month, 2 tb in turn for 10 euro per month or 100 euros a year. Storage space for google one can be shared with maximum funf family members (= google accounts).

Android already has the new app – and secures automatically

Another new feature in google one for ios is a so-called storage manager. This indicates account owners as they use their different types of services, so whether google drive, google mail or google photos occupy the most place and should allow a quick release of unwanted info. He is also available on the web.

Under android, the google-one app also offers an automatic backup of the device data; this application is in the superapious form including storage manager already in the play store. Changes all apply only to private customers with appropriate accounts; if you have a g-suite business access, which is stored in the account, unfortunately can not use the new features.

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