Formula 1: biometrics and more fuel

Formula 1: biometrics and more fuel

From the coming season, formula 1 drivers will be able to use five kilograms more fuel. The maximum amount allowed to be carried in a race will be raised from 105 to 110 kilograms. The rule change is intended to enable drivers to use the full power of their engines at all times, according to a statement ied after the meeting at fia headquarters. The rule change still has to be approved by the world council of the international automobile federation, but that should only be a formality.

In addition, the weight of the driver will no longer be included in the minimum weight in the future. Drivers will also be required to wear biometric gloves for safety reasons. A sensor in the glove will measure the driver’s vital signs. It is still unclear what will happen with this data. For a few years now, the pit crew has not been allowed to give any specific instructions based on data sent by the car. If, for example, the oldruck in the transmission increases too much at high engine speeds, the pit crew is not allowed to instruct the driver to shift earlier in the race.

Changes are also planned in aerodynamics. In future, it will be easier to overtake outside the drs zones. This is to be agreed with the teams by the end of april. These urged, because the preparations for the season 2019 start accordingly. The more serious the changes are, the more time the teams want to have to develop the new cars.

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