Element spaces: organize chat groups and contacts better

Element Spaces: organize chat groups and contacts better

As spaces element designates a new function of its matrix messenger. With them groups and contacts can be organized. The provider sees three spaces in front of: public, private and staff.

In the public spaces are supposed to be open communities. Access can easily share users via link with other users. In contrast, you can join the private spaces with a explicit invitation. They depend, for example, to solid working groups who want to change freely between conversations and groups, but do not want to allow any external users.

All chats in the right place

With the staff spaces finally all chats for themselves can be organized according to their own preferences. Spaces represents space in its own directory and does not sort it according to servers; also, administrators can mark room as suggested rooms for all users of a space. So users should find suitable groups faster.

At the start, the spaces can be used immediately as a beta. First of all, you are available for the web version, the desktop client and the android app. In addition to the ios version, element already works on upcoming functions: in addition to many administration features, an integration of the ms team bridge is on the plan of developers.

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