Cafer as a role model: drone with crumple zone is survived collisions

Cafer as a role model: drone with crumple zone is survived collisions

Flying cafe live amongwhile in walls, in which collisions of their avashions with branches, brilliant and other obstacles do not always be avoided. Why the insects rarely rare, two korean engineering scientists have now examined and the findings transfer to a flight robot.

Tumbling, but do not abort

Hoang vu phan and hoon cheol park (konkuk university) report in the current ie of the magazine science of experiments with samuraiians (allomyrina dichotoma), where they first observed the unfolding of the backflow. As long as they are not needed, these avashes are hidden as almost all the cups among hardcases and protected. Unlike marienkafer, who first fully spread their avalanches before they take off, samuraikafer unfold their flying with the first two.

The researchers love the cafe then fly through a room, which was so densely prepared with vertically established rods, that it often came to collisions with the flights. There were two different reactions: when the collision took place in the middle of the aircraft, the cafe mostly reacted by clinging with her legs to the obstacle. On the other hand, the tip of the aircraft touched the rod, the cafes occasionally came shortly into the stagger, but could usually fly unheavy. The flying then kinked along the folding lines and started the stob. To unfold again, they needed just under four milliseconds and thus only one third of a banelet.

Fluge by bottlenecks possible

Inspired by this flight behavior, phan and park constructed a 17.8 gram of heavy robots, whose avalanche can be collapsed in seven milliseconds or apart. Half of the drone, collisions to intercept as a similar soverane way, like their biological model. The deflection of the route direction (yaw rate) is reduced by up to two-thirds, the researchers write. This is not just preventing crushes, but also allow for flights by leaching, which are smaller than the volumes. Conventional flight robots could not.

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