Also, swiss corona warning app made available, european solution in demand

Also, Swiss Corona warning app made available, European solution in demand

With the "swisscovid app" now switzerland has its own app for tracking against the novel coronavirus sars-cov-2. Already on thursday morning, the application was around 150.Downloaded 000. As a last step, the swiss government, the federal council, had a regulation on the "proximity tracing system for coronavirus sars-cov-2 (vpts)" passed. Previously, the epidemiegesetz had been discussed and migrated several times to prepare the import of the tracing app.

Also decentralized system

Installation and use of the swisscovid app for android and ios are voluntary. The app is to help additional contact tracking (contact tracing) to interrupt the infection chains. The swiss tracing app is available in nine different languages, it also uses the contact tracking via bluetooth. In the federal council regulation, it was also determined that from thursday the federal government, the federal costs for tests on sars-cov-2 for a year. There should be so much tested as much as possible and makes sense, the federal office for health (bag) shares with.

If you receive a warning from the covid app that you had close contact with an infected person (on the phone the app for dafur must also be installed), should contact the appropriate jobs. Then it will be decided whether a test is necessary and whether one must in quarantae, the state-owned federal council, health minister alain berset, was found on a media conference. It is important that persons waiting for their test result remain in quaranta in the meantime at home. The laboratories are encouraged to submit the results as soon as possible.

If the person is then tested positively, they receive a so-called from the cantonal service "covidcode", to enter the app. But also the entry of the code into the app is voluntary. Anyone who then has to go on the arrangement of a doctor or a domestone in quartaine, is entitled to one "corona wage continuation". However, those who voluntarily isolate themselves after a contact message of the swisscovid app without being officially ordered, do not receive this payment.

Nachst’s goal is compatibility

In the end of the test phase of the swisscovid app paid 180.000 downloads and 160.000 active users. Overall, 81 reports were received during the test phase, 11 of which had affected the program code. There were no reports that had to be classified as critical or systemic relevant.

It should also be possible to make a compatibility of the swisscovid app with foreign apps. "We are in exchange with the neighboring states on the technical and regulatory level", sang-il kim said from the bag at the media conference. You try to find an agreement soon with the eu countries. These agreements are more complicated than the technical ones, so kim.

The swisscovid app and above all its core chocolates, such as the tracing protocol dp3t, was developed by an international, interdisciplinary team of it experts and scientists at the swiss federal corporate universities lausanne (epfl) and zurich (ethz), the zurcher software developer ubique , research groups in several european countries as well as the bag. Dp3t stands for "priencralized privacy-preserving proximity tracing" and puts on "privacy-by-design" as well as the decentralized storage of anonymous contact details on your own smartphone. Because of the programming interface (exposure notification api) into the smartphone operating systems of apple and google, the dp3t developer group also worked closely with the two us technology companies.

Patchwork in europe

Meanwhile, several european countries for a decentralized base corona tracing app have already revealed, respectively, or one already published. About a week ago, the already decentralized german corona warning app of sap and telekom appeared on behalf of the federal government. Shortly thereafter, the danische app was introduced to decentralized and the google / apple api. Nevertheless, there are still difficulty with the bordering functionality, which the google / apple api will be updated. Decentralized apps are now available for weeks in latvia and italy.

In view of the patched carpet itself under decentrally organized apps, the european union was broken down in a short time. When using tracing apps be "the awareness of the interoperability of crucial importance", such an eu commission spokeswoman. Meanwhile, france relies with the tracing app "robert" on a centralized software architecture, as well as the tracing app from iceland. In france, after current media reports 460.000 users (for about 1.8 million downloads) the warning app for corona already uninstalled again.

Ruckler in norway, change of direction in the great britain

Other countries attract their apps at all, such as norway reason: significant privacy concerns due to centrally collected personal data under gps use. Also in austria is currently the "stop corona"- app of the easter red cross, which has already been consulted since the end of marz, to be compatible with the google / apple api. And rough britain has buried its corona app nhs covid-19 app based on a central data architecture.

Since the exposure notification api only works for decentralized architectures, the british government had unsuccessful negotiations with apple and google, according to newspaper reports, struggling to loosen the bluetooth functional notification. Now you want to give up the old model and put on a decentralized technology according to media reports, which uses the google / apple api.

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