Vr headsets from oculus: sales stop in germany

VR headsets from Oculus: Sales stop in Germany

Oculus stops selling his virtual reality headsets in germany. "This is a temporary break due to outstanding talks with german supervisors" it is called in a message from the manufacturer. "We were not obliged to take this maaking, but have interrupted the sale proactively." questions about details about the grounds answered the company that has been on facebook since 2014, not.

In a faq text formulated by the manufacturer, it is called: "we have paused the sale of oculus products in germany due to upcoming speech with german regulatory cases. About details we can not speak at the moment, but we are confident that the sale can go on soon."

Existing headsets should continue to work

Oculus emphasizes that existing oculus devices continue to work, the online store will continue to stay in operation. However, you can not guarantee that after the sales stop from other countries imported headsets work without error. According to oculus, remainder of german handlers can continue to be sold. But they are no longer supplied with new units. That "oculus for business"-business customer program is not affected by the sales stop.

Oculus had broken down the fact that new oculus headsets from october only work with a facebook account. Alter headsets must be from the 1. January 2023 mandatory with facebook be coupled. This decision was criticized by many users. Previously, the federal court of justice had established a decision of the federal cartel office: the group must focus on the specifications of the bonn authorities and can not simply simply put the data from whatsapp customers with those of facebook.

On request from our site, the bundeskartellamt announced that there was currently no talk about oculus with facebook. Also the state-made hamburg commissioner for privacy and freedom of information has not yet become active in oculus. (facebooks germany representation is located in hamburg). So it is still unclear whether facebook is inequal obedience or it is simply a defiance.

One can ame, however, that the facebook decision at least tend to be disabled with the bundeskartellamt – even if the judgment of the cartel regards is not yet legal. Finally, the bundeskartellamt facebook prohibited to merge user data from different sources without a voluntary understanding. On top of that, there is a coupling ban – one may not force builders from product a (oculus) to use product b (facebook).

Here the answer of the hamburg commissioner for privacy and freedom of information on our request in the wording:

The obligation to create a facebook account is legally objectionable from the point of view of the hamburg commissioner for privacy and information freedom (hmbfdi) for those who already bought a headset,. Whether the new customer is also true, should be discussed. This was essentially allowed to arrive on the design of the treaty, which is not available to us.

Facebook apparently seems to be responsible for the opinion that the data of the users within the individual companies of the group can easily be exchanged with each other. You will be committed by the supervisory practice of irish privacy supervision. This has led to the exchange of data from whatsapp users to facebook for years, although two german administrative courts have found that such a procedure is not permanent.

In addition, the violation of the co-prohibition of the copplication bid accompanied in the dsgvo. Art 7 abs. 3, because the use of the headset should be forcibly to be clossed to set up a facebook account. For those users who already have a headset and can not register with a facebook account after 2023, no equal alternative to extension of the headset will be provided for the wideness of the headset. Forward for the use of facebook we therefore removed both on the old and new customers.

Currently we have not yet developed activities in this concrete case, but will gladly take the reason to forward the matter for processing to the state-of-the-art european supervisory persons.

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