Network security? Erroneous!

Network security? Funding!

An up-to-date market study for using network access control (nac) in mittelstand companies draws a duster image from the state of network security in the middle class. Thus, 77% of the respondents say 962 companies – just those who do not use nac solution – that they do not know the exact number of devices in their own network.

A quarter of the companies reported that they have already existed for safety variables that were based on the connection of a foreigner course in their own network. Only one third of the companies can isolate attacked own devices immediately from the network to prevent the further spread of a trojan.

Recognize and stop attacks

63% are uncertain whether you can notice an attack on your network and introduce countermeasures. 37% do not believe that your network is well protected against internal and external attackers. It is reasonable that the use of advisers of the employees (bring your own device, byod) is banned by majority (61%).

The study was carried out on behalf of the nac manufacturer macmon. 1070 people were interviewed from 962 mostly middle-class companies with an average of around 700 companies in the corporate network. The central results of the study are available for registration for registration.

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