Mercedes c-class: stronger than the amg version

Mercedes c-class: stronger than the amg version

Brooklands (england), 1. July 2010 – in this model, the buyer should not be less fast than the car: who wants a departure, must hurry, because only 20 pieces of the tuned dr520 based on a mercedes c63 amg will give it. You will only be sold in the mercedes benz world in the english brookland.

Even faster

The performance of the dr 520 increases by 60 to just 520 hp, the torque by 50 to now 650 nm. This is reflected in the sprint values of the car: the sedan now speeds up from zero to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds, the station wagon needs 4.2 seconds – so both cars are at the standard project 0.4 seconds than the production model. In addition, the offset is canceled at 250 km / h, the highest speed is now at 301 km / h. Reason for the benefit monitor: a superarmed engine with forged piston, newly developed connecting rod and a superarmed crankshaft. For adequate delay, the amg performance brake system is to provide through its red lacquered brake caliper.

In the tarn look

The dr 520 is carried out with matt film to give it the appearance of stealth aircraft. The sedan gets a carbon spoiler for tail. Seats and steering wheel are covered with a leather alcantara combination and decorated with red contrasting seam. The limousine of the dr 520 is converted to 75.935 euros offered, 5963 euros more than the german list price of the amg basic model. For the station wagon 77.455 euros fally, a plus of 4835 euros on the price of the c 63 amg in this country. If you are interested in one of the 20 cars, you should not forget that the racers are on the market accordingly as a right-hand drive.

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