Gray saus

Gray saus

Seoul (south korea), 10. April 2013 – with its new study, hyundai shows that it is in full possession of its self-confidence, which has grown considerably in recent years. The concept car with a name that somehow fits quite well with the bird flu that has just broken out again in asia, is supposed to show the design of future sports cars of the koreans and thus also be a preview of a successor to the hyundai genesis. Already in january 2013 hyundai had shown the study of a four-door coupe called hcd-14 in detroit, the current hnd-9 is certainly a home game at the seoul auto show 2013.

Visual treat

The 4.70-meter-long and 1.89-meter-wide hnd-9 offers some visual treats at a height of just 1.34 meters. An endlessly long hood, butterfly doors, a low-slung rear end and 22-inch wheels are just some of the ingredients for this high-end sports car. The front is dominated by a hexagonal radiator grille, with rough air intakes gaping beneath the headlight slits. The narrow rear lights extend into the pronounced rear fenders, an unusually shaped exhaust system with four tailpipes completes the striking rear section.

Six-cylinder engine with 370 hp

The study’s powertrain matches the sporty design. A 3.3-liter six-cylinder engine with gasoline direct injection and 370 hp works under the hood. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. Bright metal trim runs through the interior, and the seats are upholstered in air-permeable mesh fabric. The textile dress shows different colors depending on the viewing angle, the futuristic looking instrument carrier reminds of an airplane cockpit.

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