Ford: slump in germany – extra shifts in the usa

While ford in germany is working short time, the colleagues in the usa have to work extra shifts. In view of the high demand, the factory vacations in a number of us plants were shortened from two to one week, ford announced on tuesday in dearborn near detroit. As a result, nearly 40,000.000 more cars could be produced.

"We are working at capacity in most of our north american plants", said jim tetreault, ford’s local production manager. In the first four months of the year, ford sales in the u.S. Increased 5 percent to 719.600 vehicles. Since unemployment in the country has fallen, more people are buying a new car again.

The situation in europe is quite different: buyers are holding back because of the debt crisis, and ford even posted a loss here in the first quarter. In germany, for example, ford sales from january to april fell by 2 percent to 73,500 units.500. As a result, short-time work is being carried out at the ford plants in koln. Between may and october, the production lines will be shut down on some days. Around 4,000 employees will be affected. Opel also cut production.

Back to north america: chrysler recently announced that it would skip the plant vacations altogether at some locations; employees at other locations will only get one week off, as is the case at ford. German carmakers vw, bmw and daimler also have their own plants in the u.S. And have recently been able to increase their sales in this important market considerably.

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