Fiesta of the packs

Fiesta of the packs

Koln, 12. April 2013 – ford has unveiled the entry-level model of its commercial vehicle family: the compact fiesta-based transit. So from 2014 there will be four model series: above the courier, the vw caddy competitors transit connect and tourneo connect. Even coarser, in bulli format, the transit custom with its offshoot called tourneo custom for passenger loading. The rough delivery vans continue to be just transit, but with a payload specification.

Space for a europallet

As early as the 1990s, there was a courier in the ford. At that time, the fiesta had a box attached to it. In contrast, the new transit and tourneo courier, starting with the b-saule, have a completely independent design. The 4.16-meter transit courier is available as a closed version with two seats or as a station wagon with additional back seats. In addition, there is the already mentioned tourneo courier in car optics. The rear-mounted transit courier can carry 2.3 cubic meters of cargo, plus a maximum payload of 660 kilograms. According to ford, a euro pallet should also fit in the cargo area. Sliding side doors make loading easier. When the front passenger seat is folded down, objects up to 2.59 meters long can be pushed in. Two diesel engines with 75 and 95 hp are available, while the gasoline version is the 1.0-liter ecoboost three-cylinder with 100 hp. The transit courier is scheduled for launch in spring 2014, with its tourneo counterpart coming a little later.

For somewhat coarser packs

At the beginning of 2014, the transit, which is positioned above the courier. The following key data for the upcoming cargo variant are already known: up to 3.57 cubic meters of storage space, 945 kilogram payload, maximum loading length of 3.50 meters. The engine range consists of five units: three diesels with 75, 95 and 115 hp and two ecoboost gasoline engines with 100 and 150 hp. For the latter, ford will also offer a six-speed automatic transmission.

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