Crypto wars: federal government defends eu line for reproduction

Crypto Wars: Federal Government defends EU line for reproduction

The federal government has the planned resolution of the eu council of ministers "safety by trapping and security despite the closure" taken against massive criticism. "More and more communication takes place castle", explains the executive." in particular, the end-to-end clasp of news leads to significant practical problems in the evaluation of electronic evidence."

One "magic solution"

The eu countries advertise with their planned conclusions for the in the current crypto wars of intelligence services and the fbi developed idea that for security macers should be a form of outdoor access to a casual data possible and could. Technicians have such a one "magic solution" again and again in the realm of the marchs damn as it "a bit casual" not give. The council still relies on the aid of service providers such as apple, facebook, google, threema, signal or whatsapp in determining electronic communication.

"Although the histors in certain legally regulated drops are powers to levy under close legal framework conditions by means of source telecommunications monitoring or online search content of closure telecommunications", write the federfuhrende federal ministry of interior (bmi) now in a our site answer to questions of the left bundestag member dieter dam. "However, due to a very high operational effort and technical difficulties, these instruments are usually limited to a few trap and can therefore be used in practice rarely actually used."

Incible knaw only in fall, "where telecommunications are covered on the network side by network operators domestic", be accessed on content, the bmi fixed. In this case, it does not depend on whether local telecommunications companies have already been instructed to ensure safety authorities access to transferred communication in plain text.

Access "without weakness of the closure systems"

Power is also possible if the network operator "contributing to the production or replacement of closing and thus the determination of telecommunications is possible", constate the ministry further. This situation is the background for the purpose of the current initiative of the council, "to enter a permanent dialogue with the providers of telecommunications services of all kinds".

It’s about it "to achieve a general consensus and work together with economics and science to suggest that without weakening the closure systems", it is in the answer. Neither "first step towards trusting discussion".

The current draft contents "no proposals or demands", carrying cryptographic solutions, for example, by general or succession, backstarts or disabled algorithms, ames the bmi. Data protection, association of the it industry, scientists and burger lawlers see this differently. For it, the envisaged council decision suggests that the closure should be aligned. This was counterproductive for the digitization of administration, economy and society and could be easily bypassed by criminals and terrorists.

Access thanks trojans

The federal government has so far mainly on state rojans to bypass the casting. An extended line has shown you with that of your young’s law on the bill for the use of state trojans by all local intelligence services. Provider such as whatsapp, signal, skype, threema or zoom therefore had to "legitimate" be supported, "technical means" to the so-called source tku "put in" and to redirect communication to you. Service providers should help agents help to infiltrate end devices from customers. Minister of the interior horst seehofer (csu) had previously been experienced sometimes other attack on closure.

On the question dehms, whether the government knows existing technical methods to send closing e-mails with programs such as pretty good privacy (pgp), the bmi does not work. Whether those discussed at eu commission’s level of it security experts skeptically affected technical solutions for the circumvention of end-to-end-casing in the fight against sexual child abuse for that, the hacker-proof lies lies open.

The central office writes in a plant to a short analysis of the scientific service represented by the left-hand group: "the technology used is independent of the content transported to that, in this respect, regardless of the criminal titatiphenomes. In addition, no dedicated statement can be made."

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